Item Packages

Item Packages

ETS, HTS, Collectibles, and more!

Got a 'nack for reselling? How about that epic gallery?

Don't fret BNC has got you covered! 

Item packages are accounts that have been found with an assortment of items inside. These accounts are most likely not well-statted. However may have BD pets, some trophies, and some avatars.

Items found can include ETS & HTS and are typically priced from $0.50-$1.50 per million.


Item Pack #02: Readers Choice! (Instant)
$114.99 USD
                      Basic Mathematics: 800,0002: Mote Magic: 2,000,0003: Starting Spells: 2,500,0003: Caring for Eyries: 900,000Life Behind the Bow Tie: 400,000Grarrls Are Great: 800,0002: Flotsams: 800,0002: Lovely Lennys: 700,000Goodbye Mel: 400,0005: Caring for Your Neopet 1: 2,000,0002: Caring For Your Neopet 2: 800,000Caring For Your Neopet 4: 500,000Caring For Your Neopet 5: 500,000All About Dark Faeries: 350,000All About Fire Faeries: 300,000Defence For Unis: 500,000All About Light Faeries: 150,000Neofashion: 600,000My Zafara and Me: 500,000Poogle Pages: 800,000Care of Koi: 800,000Grundo Tales: 1,500,000Moehog Matching: 1,200,0002: Icetravaganza Scratchcard: 450,000Pink Job Coupon: 250,000Pinklet: 150,000Dancing Daisy Easter Negg: 200,000The Legendary Sutek Scroll: 400,000Green Chia Morphing Potion: 300,000White Chia Morphing Potion: 300,000Zebba: 150,0002: A History of Chias: 3,000,0003: Peophin MD: 600,0002: Aerial Shots of Neopia: 800,000Bruces Guide to Combat Eating: 2,000,000Black Splyke: 150,000You Will Get Verrucas!: 400,000Book of Flames: 600,000White Aisha Compact Mirror: 600,000Shoyru Battle Shield: 200,000The Abandoned Acara: 800,000Honey Potion: 150,0002: Mystery Island Aishas: 500,000Sinsis Sword: 800,0003:...
Item Pack #03: Resellers Bundle! (Instant)
$49.99 USD
     Angel Chia Plushie: 150,0004: UB Secret Laboratory Map: Prices vary!2: Icetravaganza Scratchcard: 300,000Pink Job Coupon: 250,000Combomelon Easter Negg: 250,000Green Scorchstone: 200,000Halloween Puppyblew: 350,0002: Mystery Island Aishas Stamp: 500,0003: Snowbunny: 900,000Plushie Snowbunny: 350,000Zoomik: 600,000Electric Evil Fuzzle: 250,000Black Gallion: 200,000Ghost Gallion: 150,000Mutant Faellie: 600,000Fire Feepit: 150,000Strength Serum: 125,000Maraquan Gallion: 450,000Green Brightvale Job Coupon: 300,000Gold Brightvale Job Coupon: 600,000Silver Brightvale Job Coupon: 475,000Bronze Brightvale Job Coupon: 375,000Robot Gallion: 200,000Funnydew Neggnog: 350,000Pink Gallion: 200,000Maraquan Spardel: 400,000Lutari Tonu Plushie: 450,000Island Symol: 600,000Secrets of Dirigible Construction: 3,000,000Tyrannia Team Jersey: 400,000Fire Yooyu Plushie: 1,200,000Green Quetzal: 125,000Darigan Quetzal: 300,000Potion Cabinet: 200,000Striped Cybunny Brush: 200,000Blue Elephante Sundae: 500,000Desert Gallion: 350,000Baby Bruce Soap: 800,000Baby Aisha Ball-In-A-Cup Game: 800,000Cloud Garland: 800,00010th Birthday Ogrin Toy: 600,000Rainbow Hermiteese: 400,000Blue Gallion: 125,000Moltara Silhouette Background: 150,0002: Lost Desert Trick-or-Treat Bag: 250,000Moltara Trick-or-Treat Bag: 350,000Mystery Isle Trick-or-Treat Bag: 350,000Deserted Fairground Silhouette Background: 150,0004: The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity Stamp: 600,0002: Usukicon...
Item Pack #1: Resellers Bundle! (Instant)
$54.99 USD
                                                             Noil Gem: 250,0002: Pink Job Coupon: 500,000Green Snorkle: 100,000Omnipotent Onion Grarrl Gobstopper: 150,000Blue Selket: 100,000Green Cirrus: 100,000Green Gruslen: 100,000Blue Cobrall: 100,000Cloud Aisha Burger: 1,500,000Strawberry Flavoured Hot Dog: 150,000Salt Water Hot Dog: 150,0004: Mystery Island Aishas Stamp: 1,000,000Green Blibble: 125,000Pink Apple Lantern: 200,000Honey Blossom Omelette: 1,000,0002/3 Honey Honey Blossom Omelette: 1,000,0001/3 Honey Blossom Omeltte: 1,000,000Grey Snorkle: 600,000Burning Evil Coconut: 250,000Sliced Evil Coconut: 250,000Build Your Own Pirate Ship: 400,000Yellow Xweetok Cookies: 600,000Orange Kougra Fruit Juice: 400,000Island Jubjub Cupcake: 350,000Island Jubjub Drink: 350,000Grooming Time Cloud Uni: 200,000Frozen Faerie Ixi Coconut Smoothie: 150,000Orange Meerca Snack: 150,000Speckled Bruce Burger: 150,000Speckled Bruce Float Ring: 400,000Starry Elephante Ice Lolly: 350,000Strawberry Usul Cake: 800,000Yellow Kougra Squash Soup: 600,000Starry Uni Glue: 400,000Blue Scorchio Face Powder: 300,000Pink Kadoatie Compact: 800,000Striped Usul Powder Puff: 500,000Spotted Mynci Comb: 150,0002: Purple Kau Scissors: 250,000Halloween Jubjub Powder Puff: 800,000Disco Jubjub Cupcake: 300,000Fat Pencil: 300,000Mystery Island Skull: 250,000Royal Gelert Diary:...
Item Pack #4: Bulk Investments! (Instant)
$79.99 USD
     Rainbow Negg: 150,000RainbowBerry: 125,000Checkered Paint Brush: 100,0003: Unbuyable Secret Laboratory Map Pieces: Price vary2: Pink Job Coupon: 500,000Tyrannian Water Negg: 125,000Magical Red Chomby Plushie: 350,000Mystery Island Aishas Stamp: 250,000Luperus Left Head Stamp: 150,000Zomutt: 250,000Golden Coconut Bowling Ball: 250,000Baby Aisha Morphing Potion: 800,000Green Brightvale Job Coupon: 300,000Greater Healing Scroll: 150,00037: Spooky Halloween Goodie: 14,800,0008: Happy Lutari Stamp: 12,000,00019: Lutari Uni Stamp: 4,750,000Obliteratoes: 250,000Underwater Shipwreck Background: 750,000Split Grundo Berry: 100,000Spotted Mynci Sticky Bun: 250,000Pink Korbat Kite: 600,000Halloween Kacheek Candy Dish: 400,000Rainbow Chomby Cupcake: 600,000Rainbow Kacheek Cookie: 250,000White Kougra Berry: 150,000Disco Kiko Yoyo: 100,000Underground Explorations: 600,000Dark Cave Background: 150,000Mutant Flowper: 1,500,000Dark Faerie Stamp: 300,000Lost Desert Silhouette Background: 400,000Games Master Challenge Stamp: 300,0003: Double Rainbow Background: 750,000Brynns Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting: 1,000,000Hanso Charisma Charm: 600,000Looming Balthazar Shadow: 600,000How to be a Gaming Champ: 800,000Randomly Firing Freeze Ray: 250,0005: The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity Stamp: 750,000Book of Awesome: 125,000Rusty...
Item Pack #5: Faerie Dolls! (Instant)
$114.99 USD
    Fire Faerie Doll: 8,000,000Air Faerie Doll: 8,000,000Negg Faerie Doll: 9,000,000Jhudora The Dark Faerie Doll: 1,200,000Space Faerie Doll: 8,000,000 Total value: 38,200,000 NP's
Item Pack #6: Neocash! (Instant)
$125.00 USD
These Neocash items come delivered on their own semi main account to trade with.    Golden Nutcracker Gloves: 30 - 35 caps Under the Tree Background x2: 3 - 6 caps each Nutcracker Hat: 4 - 5 caps Nutcracker Jacket: 3 - 4 caps Nutcracker Toy Sword: 30 - 35 caps Nutcracker Face Paint: 12 - 15 caps Total: 85 - 106 caps
Item Pack #7: Neocash! (Instant)
$204.99 USD
These items come delivered on their original account, ready to trade!                                                                                                     Air Faerie Bubble Necklace: 1 capMystery Island Summer Background: 1 - 2 capsCumulus Wings: 1 capIcy Cavern Background: 1 - 2 capsNeovian Twilight Background: 1 capFloating in Space Background: 1 capFaerie Circle Background: 1 capFaerie Dust Shower: 1 capWoodland Archer Cape and Quiver: 1 capTwisted Horns: (No trade): 1 - 2 capsSpiky Orange Mohawk: 1 - capsTower Princess Gown: 1 capRustic Outdoor Theatre Background: 1 - 2 capsWonderland Garden Background: 1 - 2 capsAdorable Freckles: 1 capBrilliant Candle Display: 1 capSweet Dreams Crib: 1 capFlower Bed Background: 1 capPeaceful Garden Background: 1 capStar and Moon Shower: 1 - 2 capsBaby Pajamas: 1 capPretty Pink Bow Wig: 1 - 2 capsPetpet Plushie Garland: 1 capBaby Summer Hat: 1 - 2 capsBaby Rattle of Cuteness: 1 capHooded Faellie Baby Blanket: 1 capPastry Shop Background: 1...