• Apr 06, 2015
  • by Kuhn Seo

You may be asking; what are we talking about? We are talking about the benefits of instant delivery and your privacy versus others.

We understand, it sometimes is scary knowing that it's up to you to transfer the item to your account. We have plenty of guides to help with the transferring process and are available round clock to answer any questions you may have. Trust us, after your first time it only gets easier and more simple! 

Why is my privacy so important?

Good question, with a lot of answers. Some of the key answers however are your safety, your security, and your convenience. Your safety since you NEVER have to give out your username. You can simply purchase the product and move it to your account at your pace. Since you never have to give out your username your accounts is secure, only you know that you shop here. Even we won't know! It is delivered to the email you registered with...INSTANTLY. Need we say more about convenience?

So after we consider those very important factors you also get an account that you can choose to keep or to discard. After an extended period of time (1 year) we will check back through the accounts and change passwords to ones that were abandoned. If you would like to keep your's just make sure you change the password after a week of owning it and you will have secured the account :)

Why is every item on its own account?

For your safety! We take the time on our end to transfer and secure every item on every account that is purchased and sent. We do this for your safety and to keep contamination to a minimum. If we were to use one account to fulfill many orders at a time, if one customer gets frozen, the rest will as well by chain reaction. Since we load and secure every item on its own accounts, if a customer were to get frozen, only that customer would be frozen. So it is up to you to keep yourself safe, but you can rest assured that you will not be in danger due to someone else. We can guide you and help you master the ways of instant delivery.


Instant Delivery is truly a work of art when it comes to efficient, reliable, and extravagant service. No one likes being treated like a kid, waiting hours for their purchases and being "behind someone else in line". With Instant Delivery you can receive your items when you want them, how you want them. This completely eliminates wait times. You are completely anonymous. You have the tools and techniques written for you and are welcome to ask questions at any time.


So what are you waiting for? Become the greatest neopian you can be!