• Nov 10, 2018
  • by Matt CEO

Unconverted Neopets are one of the most difficult purchases to transfer. Due to the simple fact that there is no way to hide them, it's tough to move them undetected. Because of this, we've come up with a way to move your new Neopet around without causing any issues! The steps that you'll take in order are listed below!

  1. Purchase your new Unconverted Neopet!
  2. Sign into the account with your new Neopet.
  3. Bring the account out of inactivity.
  4. Start a dialogue between your main account and the account you received.
  5. Gift the Neopet to yourself!
  6. Do NOT take your new pet to the boards. 

Purchasing your Neopet is easy. We won't have to walk you through that! If you need a helping hand though, check out our guide on our instant delivery

Bringing your account out of inactivity

The first step to securing your new pet is bringing it out of inactivity. If for any reason TNT decides to review your pet, the last thing they need to see is that an account was last logged in over 5 years ago and 24 hours after signing in the valuable UC on it was sent off to another account and never signed into again. So your first real step to securing your pet is bringing it out of inactivity. 

There's many wayas that you can go about this. You can start by feeding your pet, doing dailies, playing games, training your pet, playing in the Battledome, partially participating in site events, and the list goes on! All of these activities need to be done over the span of multiple weeks. You do not need to sign into your account every day and do these things, but the more frequently you do, the better. 

Some activities you can do

Listed below are some screenshots of us preparing to send one of our UC's to a brand new account! You can see what the pet looks like the first time we signed into the account, and how things change as we begin bringing the pet out of inactivity. 

Here's our first look at our new pet. Under 5,000 days old, dying, completely inactive. This is what you would expect from these pets. They're not being played with, their lonely, most importantly they're secure due to lack of sign ins.

Over the course of playing with the pet, we did quite a few things. The firt thing we did was do some dailies. Here's a screenshot of us doing the Fruit Machine and ultimately losing. 

This is just one of the dailies we did. There's many, many others that you can and should do. Don't limit yourself to one daily. You'll be signed into these accounts on a proxy so TNT can't catch you for earning Neopoints on multiple accounts. Just make sure that you don't send any of the Neopoints/items from dailies over to your account. 

After doing a bunch of dailies, we decided to play some games on the account as well. This is a great way to bring an account out of inactivity. Playing games isn't just opening a few links and clicking a few buttons on those pages, it's actually putting constant effort into something on the site that is actively tracked and monitored. This is the best thing you can do to bring an account out of inactivity.

One of the last things that we did for this session in particular was put the pet into a training session. You never know when there might be a new upcoming war and you don't want your pet to be weak when it comes up! Training your pet is great because you'll have a constant reason to sign in and check on the pet. The more training a pet gets the better! 

Starting a dialogue with your account

After a couple of weeks you will been on the account long enough to decide you want to "quit playing again" and you can begin seeking out potential users to give your UC away to. Your plan of action here is simple. "Find" your main account someway, somehow and contact it asking if they'd like to adopt the UC you purchased. This creates more of an illusion of the pet not being purchased by creating a legitimate adoption of the pet to yourself. How you decide to go about this is entirely up to you! 

You can create a petpage dedicated to wanting a dream pet, you can create boards looking to trade for the species and color of pet you're purchasing, so on and so forth! The key is to just make sure there's communication between you and the account that houses the UC so TNT has some sort of context for what's going on that isn't just "Oh, they purchased a pet!"

Gifting yourself the Neopet

At this point you will have taken a considerable amount of time to secure your pet. This sounds incredibly arduous but we can ensure you it's immensely faster than training up a VWN converted pet to trade for a low tier UC to try and uptrade for other pets. That takes years of effort to go through. And no buddy has time for that! 

Now is the time where you will complete the adoption phase of your purchase, send the pet to your main account, and then never sign into the account again since the account is "quitting". To do this, all you have to do is go to the pound, transfer the pet, and accept it on your main account. To finalize everything simply clear out all the notifications from your event log, sign out of the account the pet is on, and then clear your cache and cookies.

We know this takes a long time just to get your Neopet to your main account, but this is the safest way possible to move Unconverted Pets around. Rest assured that your purchase of any and all pets will remain safe throughout the process and after. In fact, let's see what our Meerca from above is doing now that we've transferred that little guy over!

Here we are approximately five months after initially starting our secural process. We signed into its account, and did just a few things to give it that feeling of being alive that we've been talking about throughout this process. We made sure to feed the pet just to give it a little love and care so that it's not all abandoned once again as it was before. 

Do NOT take your pet to the boards

Avoid the boards at all costs, especially the pound chat. As some of you may be aware, the pound chat itself is a cesspool of report happy sharks that love to get any pets frozen that they don't deem legitimate. They'll go so far as to even report people just for refusing to trade with them. Avoid the pound chat entirely, but do your best to stay off all boards altogether for a couple months. This helps keep the pet out of the public attention and will let it begin to create a long history of being on your account. 

Following these steps is 100% NECESSARY to ensuring that your Unconverted Neopet purchase stays safe. Do not neglect any of the steps please!