• Nov 04, 2018
  • by JD DSoK Owner

There's many long abandoned and forgotten links on Neopets. Some of those links that still exist are links from plots over a decade ago. Many of these plots awarded prizes, and others awarded points that you can spend on the item of your choice from the prize shop! These points may have never been spent, and as a result you could be sitting on hundreds of millions in ancient plot prizes! Look at the price of a Marafin. Imagine if you have points to buy one of those from the Curse of Maraqua prize shop. You'll have an item worth two hundred fifty million neopoints. These are just some of the overlooked pages that you can check to maximize the value of your unchecked gamble accounts!

Where should I look?

Many of the first places you check will be obvious. These links will contain the obvious riches that you'll want to see immediately.

These are the first and most commonly checked pages for riches, for obvious reason. These pages will always contain the majority of riches. But where else can your riches be stored? Here's a list of often overlooked links that can contain riches!

These neglected links can often have many forgotten riches just laying in wait! The stocks are insane to gain Neopets! Imagine buying KSON stocks for 1,000 NP's in 2012. Those are worth over 700% more than they were before! That's an INCREDIBLE gain!

Plot prize links

All those long forgotten prize shops have loads of items worth millions just waiting to be collected! You can find the direct links to these plot pages all listed below!

All of these pages can be checked for some riches! Make sure you check them all out when you purchase one of our Unchecked Gamble Accounts! If you know of any links to be included in the page above, please don't hesitate to leave a comment below!