• Jan 11, 2017
  • by Ava Amazonian Warrior Princess
The Alien Aisha Vending Machine is a game keep running by a little armed force of Alien Aishas.

For a little (or maybe extensive) cost - a solitary Nerkmid - you can attempt your fortunes at winning a prize and some Neopoints. On the off chance that your Neopoint reward is sufficiently substantial, you may even fit the bill for a trophy! The first occasion when you play the Vending Machine you will likewise get an avatar.

Step by step instructions to Play

To play the Vending Machine, just go over to the Neopian Plaza, or the Vending Machine specifically. Once there, tap the catch that says "Press me to Continue!". Ensure that you have no less than one Nerkmid in your stock, as this is required to play. The machine will solicit you to choose a mix from levers and catches - your choice won't affect the prize that you get.

Getting Nerkmids

There are as of now four affirmed strategies for acquiring Nerkmids:

A prize from a Random Event

A prize from a Battledome Challenger in the Cosmic Dome (Premium individuals as it were)

A prize from the Wheel of Extravagance

A prize from the Alien Aisha Vending Machine itself

Sorts of Nerkmids

The following is a rundown of the distinctive sorts of Nerkmids. You can likewise see more insights about them in our Item Database by tapping on the thing picture.


Aluminum Nerkmid

Aluminum Nerkmid Average Nerkmid

Normal Nerkmid Basic Golden Nerkmid

Essential Golden Nerkmid Basic Platinum Nerkmid

Essential Platinum Nerkmid Copper Nerkmid

Copper Nerkmid

Brilliant Nerkmid X

Brilliant Nerkmid X Golden Nerkmid XX

Brilliant Nerkmid XX Good Nerkmid

Great Nerkmid Lesser Nerkmid

Lesser Nerkmid Magical Golden Nerkmid

Mystical Golden Nerkmid

Mystical Platinum Nerkmid

Mystical Platinum Nerkmid Normal Golden Nerkmid

Typical Golden Nerkmid Normal Platinum Nerkmid

Typical Platinum Nerkmid Platinum Nerkmid X

Platinum Nerkmid X Platinum Nerkmid XX

Platinum Nerkmid XX

Super Nerkmid

Super Nerkmid Ultimate Nerkmid

Extreme Nerkmid Ultra Golden Nerkmid

Ultra Golden Nerkmid Ultra Nerkmid

Ultra Nerkmid Ultra Platinum Nerkmid

Ultra Platinum Nerkmid


There is a substantial prize pool for the Vending Machine. The distinctive prizes are recorded underneath. Odds of winning every sort of prize are:

Odds of Each Prize Type

Prize Chance

Net Food 70%

Nerkmid 15%

Blurring Bottled Faerie 10%

"Paint Brush" Item 5%

There is no indisputable information about regardless of whether distinctive Nerkmids give out various prizes. That being stated, utilizing costly Nerkmids is not any more liable to gain you a Paint Brush than the least expensive Nerkmid accessible.

If it's not too much trouble take note of that you will dependably get Neopoints notwithstanding one thing when you play the Vending Machine.


You might be granted anyplace between 1-75,000 NP.

Blurring Bottled Faeries

You may get any Fading Bottled Faerie.

Blurring Bottled Faeries

Blurring Bottled Air Faerie

Blurring Bottled Air Faerie Fading Bottled Dark Faerie

Blurring Bottled Dark Faerie Fading Bottled Earth Faerie

Blurring Bottled Earth Faerie Fading Bottled Fire Faerie

Blurring Bottled Fire Faerie Fading Bottled Light Faerie

Blurring Bottled Light Faerie

Blurring Bottled Water Faerie

Blurring Bottled Water Faerie

Different Prizes

You may get any Gross Food thing that is irregularity 98 and beneath, any Nerkmid, and any thing with "Paint Brush" in it.


There's likewise an avatar that you will procure the first occasion when you play the Vending Machine.

Utilize any Nerkmid at the Vending Machine.