• Jan 20, 2017
  • by Ava Amazonian Warrior Princess

While out exploring uncharted region within Jelly Globe, an instead daring Jelly Blumaroo finds himself in the jelly badlands. Loaded with jelly volcanos erupting with jelly lava, this is no place for a Neopet ... and to earn issues worse, an extremely non-jelly beast has spotted him. If he doesn't intend to end up being lunch, he had better bounce, and quickly!

I do not suppose we can talk this out.?

How you can Play

In Bouncy Supreme, you utilize your computer mouse to regulate the trajectory of the Blumaroo's dives, leading him from pillar to pillar over the lava. When the video game begins, there will be sixty secs on the clock, standing for how long you have till the pterodactyl catches him; for every single effective jump, you will obtain three seconds. If you handle to accumulate all of the coins in between 2 columns, you will receive a time benefit of an added 2 seconds. The video game will certainly proceed until you run out of time or lose all of your lives, either which will certainly lead to a Video game Over.

The green pterodactyl radar in the upper-right lets you understand when your time's almost up!


The mouse cursor is shown as a white circle, linked to the Blumaroo by a line. Moving your cursor up or down will certainly transform the angle of the jump, while moving it toward and far from the Blumaroo will influence the jump's power. As soon as you've aligned the power and also angle, click the left computer mouse button to jump. For info on the power and angle you need to use for various situations, see the Approach section below.


There are 2 means to earn points in Bouncy Supreme: collecting coins, and reaching the next pillar. Each coin is worth 2 points regardless of color, as well as appear in rows of 4 or five coins. The variety of points you get from landing on a column relies on the distance the Blumaroo jumps, with longer dives worth more factors. In the picture below, the shorter jump would deserve 22 factors, while the longer one would certainly deserve 38.


At the start of the game, you will have a line of dots showing the trajectory of your jump. After the very first three jumps, however, this guide will go away as well as you will be delegated your personal judgment. The recommended angle and power to make use of for each dive will vary relying on the Blumaroo's setting on top of the present column, so the table listed below is only a harsh overview. It shows an approximate series of angles and power, based upon exactly how high the following column is relative to the one the Blumaroo is standing on.

A simpler (though occasionally imprecise) method to assess where to aim your dive is using the positions of the coins. By aiming the white intending line at the second coin (in a series of 4) or the 3rd coin (in a series of five), you will normally find the suitable angle to reach the next system. The amount of power needed can be judged by how fantastic of an elevation difference there is between the pillars; if the pillars are also, placed about 2 coins' width of distance in between the coin and the line. If the distinction is one of the extremes seen over, as long as 4 coins of range could be called for.

Quick Keys

Press the R key at any time throughout gameplay to toggle the pterodactyl radar on or off. Type bouncebouncebounce to get an added life. This could be made use of once each game. Target at the greatest coin in a series to quickly figure out the angle for your jump. Collect all coins in a series to add added time to your clock.

Press the R trick any time during gameplay to toggle the pterodactyl radar on or off.

Type bouncebouncebounce to receive an added life. This could be used as soon as each game.

Focus on the greatest coin in a series to quickly figure out the angle for your jump.

Collect all coins in a sequence to add additional time to your clock.