• Jan 20, 2017
  • by Ava Amazonian Warrior Princess

Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway is set in the Haunted Woods and stars the familiar (albeit deformed) face of Bruno, the Neovian Gelert from the Story of Concern story. In the video game, you play the duty of Bruno as he gathers potions and also brings them back to his cavern for Sophie's use, concurrently staying clear of the angry Neovians that have followed him.

Remind me once again why we're collecting these potions?

This video game is similar to games like Grand Theft Ummagine, in that it has a collection amount of degrees to finish with the maximum score always coinciding if the video game is completed completely. The maximum rating for Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway is 5180. If you obtain this score then you may have the ability to get the gold trophy overnight, yet with certain errors it's difficult. So, allow us begin the guide.


To start with, you are confronted with enemies on each degree. The enemies, a mob, include a Wocky, an Ixi, a Kacheek and also a Techo, each altered by the strange potion that mutated Bruno as well as all the other Neovians too.

Adversaries The Wocky is the highest of your enemies, but not also challenging. He throws rocks at you, just like every other foe, but does not leave the system he goes to. You may have trouble leaping over him at times, yet you can make it easily at the right minute. The Ixi is generally just like the Wocky. He's not too difficult to avoid, yet he is generally walking in between 2 remedies you need to accumulate on the exact same platform, so be wary! The Kacheek will certainly be throwing rocks at you too, yet he will additionally leave systems. He sometimes leaps or drops off of the platform he begins on as well as travels all over the level, so watch out for him anywhere! The Techo does as the Kacheek does: throws rocks and jumps around platforms. If you get into a system with both the Kacheek and also the Techo, it's best to attempt as well as jump to safety and security and choose remedies when they're gone.

The left and also ideal arrowhead tricks relocate Bruno left as well as right, and the backwards and forwards keys make him look up as well as down; the room bar makes Bruno dive, and when he remains in front of his cave it will certainly place the gathered potions in it. Pressing P will stop the game, as well as if you touch any one of your adversaries or their rocks, you will certainly lose a life.

The leafy or 'living' trees could be seen from the third level onwards. If you get on the very same ledge as the tree, you can raise sideways branch from the step, then, from the side branch, into the bigger branch, utilizing the spacebar. If you are on another step as well as are looking down at the tree, you can additionally just leap down to the top branch of the tree. Be careful even when you are basing on the branches; while adversaries can not run into you, rocks they toss could still hit you.

How simple did you believe it was mosting likely to be?

It is important to move slowly and also meticulously. Adversaries can be avoided by jumping over them - press the spacebar as well as either the left or the appropriate arrow trick at the exact same time (depending on which instructions you are relocating). The enemies and also their rocks are not very hard to prevent in the starting degrees, but it does obtain more difficult. Make determined jumps and also you will have the ability to continue quite easily. If you assume you're going to be hit with a rock if you jump instantly (rocks could strike you when you are mid-air also) or move on, keep back and also wait till it's much safer to jump over your adversary. Avoid taking dangers any place feasible. Considering that the video game is not timed, and there is no time at all reward for completing early, getting to the cave 10 seconds behind you intended is actually immaterial.

The game levels are also looped, so also if you jumped down a thousand systems you would certainly maintain going from all-time low to the top to the base and so forth, never losing a life. If you run to the left, you will wind up at the best side of the game level. This is exactly what the video game screen appears like:

The things of the video game is to gather a defined number of potions in each level then bring them to the cavern you begin in front of in order to development. The video game has 12 levels; Levels 1-3 require you to collect 5 remedies, Degrees 4-5 need 6 potions, Level 6 calls for 7 potions, Level 7 requires 8 remedies, Degrees 8-9 require 9 remedies, Degrees 10-11 require 10 remedies and Level 12 requires 9 remedies.


To obtain the maximum rating of 5180 points, you will certainly have to collect each remedy on every degree and bring them all back to the cavern at the same time. If you bring them independently, you will certainly get less factors. For the very first potion you give the cave, you get 5 points. For the 2nd, it's 10 factors, for the third it's 25, for the fourth it's 50 as well as for every remedy from 5 upwards, it's 100 factors.

That suggests that if you supply 4 remedies at the cavern at the exact same time, you get 90 factors; if you bring another one right then and supply it by itself you will obtain only 5 points, as it is counted as your "very first remedy". So, to get maximum points, hand over all the potions at the same time.

Get ALL the remedies to the cave at the same time for optimum factors!

Level Chart as well as Maps

Below is a score graph to help you know what to expect from each degree. As an included reward, you could click the name of the degree to open up a brand-new window with a complete level map. The red box suggests the limits of each level. Surpassing those limits will certainly just be the same as getting in from the opposite side. Also, the Kacheek and Techo can be anywhere any time, so do not rely upon these maps for their area.

Caution: not dialup-friendly!

Levels Levels Potions Needed Max Rating After Each Level & & Misc. Notes 1: The Backwoods 5 190 2: Haunted Quest 5 380 3: Fantastic Labyrinth 5 570; Kacheek shows up from this level on 4: Hide-n-Seek 6 860 5: The Onslaught 6 1150; Techo shows up from this level on 6: Treetop Horror 7 1540 7: Neovian Problem 8 2030 8: Defining moment *. 9. 2620. 9: Corridor Chaos. 9. 3210. 10: System Panic. 10. 3900. 11: The Tunnels. 10. 4590; No Kacheek or Techo in this level (Huzzah!). 12: Chamber of Horrors. 9. 5180.

* Once you reach level 8, you will certainly discover a remedy that looks difficult to get to, yet it is achievable. Fall from the left walk and immediately press towards the wall to stand inside it. Repeat this procedure to removal down the blocks, then perform at the ledge at complete rate. Obtain it and you are done.

Tips and also Keys.

Throughout some factors of the game, you will need to use a living tree in order to escape your adversaries or to get remedies. This is just what a living tree resembles, bigger than the trees received the above screenshots:.

As explained by Rynne, any type of rocks that have actually been tossed at you will vanish if they go off the display. So, allow's think of the Wocky lobs a rock at you from the best side of the screen; all you have to do is run or leap to the left a bit so the rock goes out off-screen, then when you go back to where you were standing before, the rock will certainly have evaporated right into slim air.

If you are aiming for the trophy after that you will need to see to it you leave all the potions for each and every level at the very same time to make sure optimum points. At the end of every night, the gold prize is awarded to all 100 players on the high-score table with the score of 5180. When you send this rating, you will certainly be positioned at the bottom of the list, and also the person on top will be rubbed out. In order to get the prize, you must remain on the checklist up until the trophies are given out. The most effective way to accomplish this is either to send out ball game right before trophies are granted at around 11:50 PM NST, or to wait till later in the month when many people who could get the optimum rating have already sent it, as well as could not come back the list up until following month.

Cheat Codes.

Here are some cheat codes that you could utilize while playing this video game. Go into these codes throughout gameplay to activate them:. Entering lookoutbruno will award you with one additional life. You can only utilize this when per video game. Keying in monstermovie will transform the video game black and white. It has limitless use and you can change backward and forward in between both at your personal discretion.

Keying in lookoutbruno will honor you with one additional life. You could just utilize this when each game. Keying in monstermovie will turn the game black as well as white. It has unlimited use and also you could switch over back and forth between the two at your own discretion.

Keying in lookoutbruno will certainly award you with one added life. You could only use this as soon as per video game.

Keying in monstermovie will certainly transform the game black and also white. It has endless usage and also you can switch backward and forward in between the two at your very own discernment.

Well, that is all. Good luck surviving the video game when you do, enjoy your new gold trophy!:-RRB-.

Whew! All done! Time for a nap.