• Jan 19, 2017
  • by Ava Amazonian Warrior Princess

Many years ago there lived a Kacheek by the name of Eliv Thade, whose obsession with challenges and puzzles was surpassed just by his ability in solving them. He passed away haunted by the one problem he might never resolve, and also now he subsequently is haunting the estate in which he as soon as lived. While shed in the Haunted Woods one rainy evening, a young Usul called Gilly takes shelter in the crumbling old castle. Regrettably, if she wants to get back out, she has an insane, puzzle-loving ghost to emulate ...


The best ways to Play

In The Castle of Eliv Thade, you control Gilly as she discovers the castle. Clicking on a floor ceramic tile within 3 floor tiles of Gilly's location will create Thade to appear with an anagram, which need to be solved in order to continue. The anagram you're provided depends upon the difficulty establishing you choose at the start of the game and the variety of ceramic tiles you're trying to removal: on the Scaredy Feline (easy) trouble moving one floor tile calls for a 4-letter word, 2 tiles requires a 5-letter word, as well as three tiles calls for a 6-letter word. On the Super Brave (hard) trouble, these are changed with 5, 6, and also 7-letter words, and also the video game uses a much more tough thesaurus.

If you must offer an incorrect solution for an anagram, you will certainly shed one life. You could also lose a life when stopping on among the broken floor ceramic tiles, as they have a 50% chance of breaking under you. To avoid this, relocate to the tile directly in front of them, after that pick the tile on the other side of the fractured ones.

Outwoe? No one could outwoe me! I've been with an entire TALE of Concern!

Your objective in the video game is to visit the castle's 4 major rooms, each which contains one of the items you need to grab. At the beginning of the game the areas are a little whited out, as well as only return to full color as soon as you have actually visited them. When you've gathered all four things, you can take them to the crypt in the bottom-right corner of the display for a final anagram (7 letters on Easy, 8 letters on Difficult), which will end the video game. For a secret route from the library in the top-right to the crypt, see the Quick Secrets section below.

If you find on your own stymied by an anagram, you can utilize a hint to learn just what the first letter in the word is. Making use of more hints on the same word will mean it out one letter at a time. While you start with just 3 hints, you'll get one for every of the spaces you check out, for a total of 7 tips. You can also receive an additional tip by keying the code rehaxtint throughout gameplay. If you would like to utilize this code while addressing an anagram, click outside of the text field made use of for answering before you start to type.

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The number of points you earn depends both on the trouble degree you're playing and how many floor tiles you're attempting to removal. When choosing a high score or the game's character, it is recommended that you use the Super Brave trouble, as it awards virtually dual the factors while the anagrams you're given to address are just marginally harder.

Collecting the 4 items is needed before sending your rating, and also each one deserves 50 factors. In addition to this easy 200 factors, you will likewise receive 350 factors for triumphing; 150 for solving the final anagram, 50 for getting in the crypt, and a perk 150 that is automatically included when sending your score. These last 150 bonus offer points are only included after you send your score, so don't worry if you don't see them in your total amount prior to sending out.

If you wish to get to a rating high enough for the avatar or a prize, it's advised that you gather all of the things and return to the front hallway at the end of the display. In addition to it leading directly to the crypt, you can easily walk back and forth in this hallway to acquire factors without having to fret about cracked ceramic tiles. Because of the 350 bonus offer points you receive after ending up the game and also sending your rating, when going for the avatar a rating of simply 850 is called for prior to entering the crypt.


The most convenient way to resolve anagrams is to seek prefixes, suffixes, and various other arrangements typically located in words. An example of this could be discovered in the previous sentence: dual letters. There are several words like suffix, arrangement, as well as common, with two of the exact same letter located with each other somewhere in the center. They're so typical, actually, that nearly every sentence in this overview includes one. If you ever before have an anagram with 2 of the very same letter, utilize that as a beginning point to fixing it; this will not hold true whenever, but it's a great guideline.

Various other common plans consist of words starting with un or re, and words finishing with ing, ed, emergency room, or ly. If you ever see a Y in an anagram, you ought to assume that it comes with completion of words, as well as job from there. Another very easy letter to begin with is H, as it is normally a component of sh, ch, th, or gh.


Anagram Solver

At times, particularly when using the tougher difficulty, you will be provided anagrams of Neopian words. These will usually be names, and also often don't follow standard spelling guidelines; if you're unfamiliar with them, these words are one of the most likely to stump you. While you could search our Neopian Dictionary for responses, we likewise use the Eliv Thade Anagram Solver, which has all words (Neopian or otherwise) that we currently recognize to be made use of in the game. If you stumble upon a word that isn't really included in the solver, please let us know through the comments kind below this web page.

Quick Keys

Kind rehaxtint as soon as each ready an additional hint. Avoid tipping on broken floor tiles when feasible, as it could cost you a life. Walk along the hall below the screen to earn points without bothering with cracked tiles. Try to find typical letter mixes like ing, emergency room, re, ed, and also ly. If you ever before see a two of the exact same letter in an anagram, consider words where they're together. The game appears can be turned off by clicking the Ghost Chia near all-time low of the display. You will obtain 350 benefit points for finishing the video game (see the Scoring section above for details). The game includes 2 secret paths, which you can access by clicking on the covert floor tiles in them or the rooms they link to from the settings received the pictures listed below.

Type rehaxtint when per ready an added tip.

Avoid stepping on split floor tiles when possible, as it can cost you a life.

Stroll along the hall at the end of the display to gain factors without bothering with broken tiles.

Try to find common letter mixes like ing, emergency room, re, ed, and ly.

If you ever before see a 2 of the very same letter in an anagram, consider words where they're with each other.

The game sounds could be switched off by clicking on the Ghost Chia near all-time low of the display.

You will certainly receive 350 benefit points for ending up the game (see the Rating area above for details).

The video game includes 2 secret passageways, which you could access by clicking on the hidden floor tiles in them or the rooms they link to from the settings received the pictures below.

Evil Eliv Thade

Send out a score of 1,200+ factors in The Castle of Eliv Thade.