• Jan 20, 2017
  • by Ava Amazonian Warrior Princess


In the inmost, darkest component of the Haunted Woods, you could find a dark, dank lab where the Ixi Researcher mixes particles as well as compounds. Now it is your task in order to help him!

The things of this video game is to build molecules from the atoms offered to you. There is no time at all limitation, however there is a restriction on the number of atoms you are given per level. There is a chart located to the right that displays every one of the molecules that could be developed. You could hover your arrow over the particles to demonstrate how numerous points you will certainly make for constructing it. There is a rating that you need to get to in order to pass the degree. When you reach this score, the video game moves you onto the following degree. If you run out of atoms prior to getting to ball game, or if you build an unsteady molecule (a lot more on that particular later), you will certainly get a video game over.

Atoms as well as Molecule Combinations


These are the 5 atoms utilized in the game.

Appears at level 1

Shows up at degree 2

Appears at degree 6

Appears at level 10

Shows up at level 14


1 point|Degree 1

2 points|Level 2

2 points|Degree 3

4 points|Degree 5

4 points|Level 6

6 points|Degree 8

7 points|Degree 10

10 points|Degree 13

1 point|Level 14

10 points|Level 16

The complying with particles are unstable, implying that you will certainly obtain a game over if you develop them.

Appears at degree 7

Shows up at degree 18

Keep in mind that not all of the above mixes are offered from the very start. In the complying with image of the blackboard (located to the right of the screen in the video game), just the very first five particles are revealed. This implies that you could just build the very first 5 molecules. Also if you were to chain with each other 4 Slothites (for an instantaneous game over), the molecule would certainly not be made because that molecule is out the board.

Tips and also Tricks

In the first couple of levels, you will certainly have no option however to earn the reduced factor particles, however as you progress throughout the video game, you ought to try to make use of the higher point molecules. I always try to get rid of the Slothite atoms first, as producing a chain of 4 of them will certainly cause an instant video game over. As soon as the chain of seven Slothites shows up, you must choose that, as it is the highest point molecule you could make. Likewise, it is remarkable that you will certainly get a 5 factor reward if you take care of to remove the board (this does not necessarily let you progress to the next level, however).

As explained by acexcat13, you obtain one bonus offer point for every component in the series that you do not use before finishing the degree. Take care to balance out large point combos as well as bonus factors for a leading rating!

You do not have to create straight lines of atoms, either. The lines could be bent. For instance, claim you are trying to make a 7 chain of Slothites in the upper-right corner of the challenge. You would position three Slothites to the left of the upper-rightmost square and three Slothites listed below the upper-rightmost square. When you obtain your seventh Slothite, place it in the upper-right square to obtain your chain of seven.

Thanks to an awesome tip from wandererofthelight, we discovered that for the very first fourteen degrees, the lineup of aspects coincides. This enables you to make use of the exact same options in each playthrough. Nonetheless, as soon as you reach level fifteen, component of the schedule will transform with each succeeding playthrough, so it will certainly take some job to figure out a service for degrees fifteen and also up.

It might take a reasonable quantity of time to obtain made use of to the game, but just like a lot of video games, simply a little (or a lot) of technique makes best.