• Jan 20, 2017
  • by Ava Amazonian Warrior Princess

Protector Instructor, the last ditch effort to train the future guards of Neopia! The principle of the game is very straightforward; you exist with a board of images (be it of Neopets, Petpets or Neopian products) and after that you need to click on among the images based upon the requirements revealed at the end of the page.


As with most Neopian video games you can tailor-make the video game's trouble to match your personal ability level. Easy Mode uses 4 pictures arranged right into a 2 x 2 square, Tool uses six pictures prepared right into a 3 x 2 table, and Hard makes use of 9 images in a 3 x 3 square. Additionally, as the difficulty is upped, you will certainly be set aside less time yet awarded even more factors per level. As you can possibly visualize, the pairing of much more images to pick from with an even tighter timespan can make for frantic gameplay. So, you'll be wanting some ideas then, won't you? After that you're in the appropriate place.:D.

The Pictures.

First things initially, you will certainly should understand what it is you're considering. There are 3 teams of pictures you will exist with; of Neopets, of Petpets, and also of items of Neopia. The petpets and also products included are here. Spend some time before playing to look through the names as well as images to acquaint on your own with them.


While playing, keep an eye out for 4 random distractions. Occasionally each Neopet/Petpet/item turns into a shape as opposed to the full-color photo. Additionally, the targets might diminish to a little size or transform bottom-side-up. Just aim to smoothly determine each target and also relax. Likewise, the game could place a NOT in the inquiry, in which situation you ought to just find the answer, and also pick something else! Ultimately, the targets might be 'moving' in that they will occasionally switch over areas with each other randomly. Simply wait till they switch over again, discover the best answer as well as promptly hit it prior to it changes again. The trick below is speed!

The Questions.

When you're just starting out, you might go ahead as well as rate the ones you aren't sure. The game will certainly correct you if you're wrong as well as give you a glance of exactly what the ideal solution was, even if you have actually never become aware of a 'Zeenana'. Just in instance you don't elegant the trial and error approach, however, here is a full listing of the questions you could expect to be asked and also the right responses where proper.


Round 1: Which begins with the letter" "? (Neopets just). Round 2: Which starts with the letter" "? (Petpets just). Round 3: Which is an anagram of" "? (Neopets and Petpets). Round 4: Which is an anagram of" "? (Items only). Round 5: What starts with the letter" "? (Neopets and also Petpets and also Products). Round 6: Which has the lengthiest name? (Neopets and Petpets). Round 7: Which has the shortest name? (Neopets and also Petpets). Round 8: Which finishes with the letter" "? (Neopets and also Petpets as well as Items). Round 9: Which has the letters" "and" "? (Neopets and Petpets and also Items). Round 10: Which has one of the most vowels? (Neopets and also Petpets and also Products).

Longest names in decreasing order: Tuskaninny, Drackonack, Elephante, Meowclops, Puppyblew, Snowbunny, Blumaroo, Scorchio, Kadoatie, Doglefox ...

Shortest names in increasing order: Ixi, Koi, Kau, Uni, Buzz, Lupe, Tonu, Chia, Usul, Warf, Kiko ...

Hints and also Secrets.

The best means to get much better at this game, thus numerous various other video games, is to just practice! Method really does make perfect, and also the more you see the images and also products the a lot more the solutions will become force of habit to you.

When playing, aim to focus your arrow in the centre of the playing location to ensure that it takes minimal time to move your computer mouse to the ideal choice. If you have one more choice, proceed and also utilize it rather. If you reach a mind block and can't think of the right solution, place your arrow over your ideal guess (and even an arbitrary box) and also evaluate the other options, while likewise glancing at the moment bar. If the time bar will go out and you still have no hint, proceed as well as click any type of arbitrary box, as 1/4, 1/6, and 1/9 are all better chances than 0% - not clicking whatsoever.

A few last ideas: every 200 factors you earn you get one more life, and also remember that you can shut off the sounds in the top right if the buzzing/dinging begins to frustrate you.;-RRB-.


If you click Judge Hog's eye on the menu screen while you have the sound on, you'll listen to slightly threatening giggling from nowhere. This doesn't show up to have any other result on the video game, however.