• Jan 19, 2017
  • by Ava Amazonian Warrior Princess

Who dares to test Zenco the Magnificent, master of cards? At a game of his very own creation, no less! Dueling Decks is a game of head-on competition, in which the gamers face off with cards showcasing famous figures of Neopian lore ... and also Zenco understands all the tricks.

I test you to ... A kids's card video game!

Ways to Play

When the video game starts, you will be asked to pick a trouble degree. While the gameplay stays basically the very same in each setting, the increased difficulty will make the game significantly harder. For a lot more on the differences in between the problem degrees, see the Rating as well as Approach sections below. To play the game, use your mouse to pick one of three characteristics on the card in your hand. If the quality you picked has a higher number than the same one on Zenco's card, you will certainly include both of the cards to your deck; if his is greater, he will take them. In case of a tie, both cards will certainly be set aside as well as offered to the player to win the next hand. The goal of the video game is to accumulate the whole deck of cards, and also you will shed if Zenco does the same. Regardless of that wins, you will be able to send your score.

At any moment during play, you can click the Play Wildcard button to change your current card out with Nightsteed, whose statistics are well above standard. This can only be done when per game, so must be used when you assume you're on the brink of shedding.

Of course, with Ylana Skyfire you don't also require that moldy old Nightsteed.

The characteristics listed on the cards are Guts, Charisma, as well as Intelligence. These show the individuality of the character revealed on the card, and could differ greatly. In order to select an attribute greater than Zenco's in each round, you need to think about the toughest quality your personality has; that is, which one is least most likely to be defeated. The easiest means to figure this out is by contrasting the characteristics on your card to the high, low, and also mean of all cards. The mean is the number between, an equal range from the highest as well as most affordable numbers. To have the best opportunity of beating an opposite card, you must pick a stat more than the median; if you choose one that is reduced, you're most likely to be defeated.

The minimum, typical, as well as maximum numbers located on all cards in the game, with the exception of the Wildcard, are as complies with.

The Cards

While it's useful to maintain the average features in mind, with some cards it can be tough to make a decision how you can play. Various other cards (we're looking at you, Gorix) have such low numbers that you're virtually guaranteed to shed with them. There are forty-one various cards in Dueling Decks, twenty which (not consisting of the wildcard) are arbitrarily chosen for every game. The table listed below listings all forty-one cards, in addition to a referral of which credit to choose.


Rating in Dueling Decks is based on the number of hands you win straight, with the points awarded doubling for each successive win. Once you have actually gotten to five wins, as shown on the combo meter in the upper-left corner of the screen, your success will certainly be reset as well as you will certainly get a "perk granted" alert. While this function apparently grants added points, it does not currently appear to be functioning.

The variety of points you receive for each winning hand will vary depending on the difficulty degree you select at the beginning of the game. The Difficult problem grants twice as many factors as Normal, which consequently grants twice as many as Easy. As a result of this, if you're trying for a high score in the game, it is suggested that you play on Hard.


In Easy mode, you will always have the choice of which quality is played, regardless of who won the last hand. This offers you full control over the video game, though as seen above, you will certainly obtain the smallest number of points. In Normal mode, must you lose a hand to Zenco, he will certainly pick which attriute to utilize next. You can, nonetheless, affect his choice with a roulette-like game that scrolls via the features; click the Pick button when it's pointing at the option above the one you would certainly like for the very best opportunity to select it.

In Difficult mode, losing a hand will give Zenco full control over which credit to choose. He's fairly good at choosing a card's best attribute, so it could be a number of rounds before you're in control of the video game again. In spite of this, it is suggested that you play on Hard, as it awards one of the most points and can be played quicker compared to Regular.

While winning a game of Dueling Decks isn't really terribly difficult, getting a high score calls for time as well as determination. In order to obtain a score in the tens of thousands for a video gaming occasion or to reach the high rating table, you must consistently gather the majority of the deck, after that permit Zenco to win some of the cards back. So long as you could keep moving the cards backward and forward with neither side winning, you will have the ability to continue making factors. To do this, it is suggested that you keep one of the strongest cards (such as Court Hog or Ylana Skyfire) in your deck, also if you're intentionally allowing Zenco take cards. You need to likewise bear in mind that you can make use of the Wildcard at any time during play, regardless of whose transform it is.

Quick Keys

Use Difficult difficulty to maximize the number of points received. Bear in mind (or document) the average as well as highest numbers of each attribute. Attempt to keep the strongest cards, like Judge Hog or Ylana Skyfire, in your deck. The victor of a tie-breaker will receive all presently linked cards. Maintain the game going as long as feasible to attain a high rating. You could play the Wildcard at any moment, once each game.

Play on Tough problem to optimize the number of points gotten. Keep in mind (or document) the mean and also highest possible numbers of each feature. Aim to keep the toughest cards, like Judge Hog or Ylana Skyfire, in your deck. The champion of a tie-breaker will certainly receive all presently linked cards. Maintain the video game going as long as feasible to accomplish a high score. You could play the Wildcard at any moment, when per game.

Use Tough difficulty to make best use of the number of factors gotten.

Remember (or jot down) the average and greatest numbers of each characteristic.

Try to keep the best cards, like Court Hog or Ylana Skyfire, in your deck.

The champion of a tie-breaker will certainly obtain all currently connected cards.

Keep the video game going as long as feasible to achieve a high score.

You can play the Wildcard at any moment, when each game.

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