• Jan 19, 2017
  • by Ava Amazonian Warrior Princess


Do you discount the Faerie Cloud Racers of the Game Graveyard? Was the upgraded variation currently offered insufficient for you? Perhaps you must try this severe version. With a play configuration reminiscent of maze games (where you have to address the labyrinth from within) as well as a lightning fast video game speed, this Cloud Racers game is most definitely a difficulty. With a few pointers, nevertheless, you'll ideally start to grasp the art of evading as well as weaving your racer to success.

Fundamental Video game Play

The race includes four faeries fighting it out on a little square platform high in the clouds above Faerieland. You steer your picked racer with the arrowhead keys; you might select any one of the four personalities: Illusen, The Space Faerie, The Tooth Faerie or Taelia. It does not actually matter which you pick if you browse by the main game screen. If you make use of among the suggestions in the technique section, you could want to select your faerie based on the orientation of the game screen.

The goal of the video game is to outlast the other 3 faeries. You could attempt to use several of the strategies of the fundamental Faerie Cloud Racers game to obstruct the courses of the other faeries, or you could simply prevent them and wait it out. Also without using powerups, your tail will certainly grow a little each time the longer you stay alive in a level. Enclosing another faerie will score you 5 points, yet the 2nd choice could be the very best bet up until you master maneuvering. If you're the last faerie standing, you'll carry on to the following degree as well as win on your own 40 points. Otherwise, you'll lose a life and also have the possibility to play the round over. With each level, the game accelerate so that levels begin to start lasting milliseconds. Now, you need to accumulate an instinct and run exclusively on that because there's little time to think of just what you're doing.


There are three powerups offered in the video game as faerie bubbles of sorts drifting over the surface area of the racing location. Each powerup lasts for ten secs, or up until another powerup is turned on.

Severe Faerie Cloud Racers Powerups Photo Call Usage Meerca Route The end of your cloud trail will certainly continue to be stationary as you relocate (it will certainly expand) for the duration of the powerup. Tonu Charge You get the capacity to fly with the cloud trails of the various other faeries. Slow Slorg Your rate is all of a sudden reduced, making steering a lot easier yet chasing after other racers exacerbating.


The game is planned to be played from within the middle of the racing faeries, thus:

* The space faerie whizzes by Illusen, currently intoxicated of the Slow-moving Slorg powerup! *.

Your racer stays at the center of the display, while the whole play area transforms as you transform. I personally found it very difficult to browse in this manner because of the extreme speed at which the faeries fly. Notice, nonetheless, the bottom left of the play display: there is a review map of the racers flying. It is much less complicated to browse from above than from within the race location.

Just ensure you don't perplex your directions!Remember: always guide from the viewpoint of your faerie.

The tinted lines note each faerie's cloud path - Illusen's is eco-friendly, the Space Faerie's is purple, the Tooth Faerie's orange, and also Taelia's yellow. There is a little circle your faerie to work as a "YOU ARE RIGHT HERE" arrow. Each faerie begins in a various corner (therefore the earlier reference of selecting faerie based upon game orientation), however the thing is, you're reversing so much that it still does not really matter for greater than the first few seconds of each round which corner you start in. The tiny tinted boxes represent the powerups - blue for Meerca Route, white for Tonu Charge, green for Slow Slorg.

Also note that the bottom right of the display includes a large bubble with a photo of your character as well as three smaller sized bubbles for each of the other characters. When the image is dimmed, the gamer is out for the round. The handful on the top of the bubble tells the number of lives left.

If you have elected to take on the 'wait it out' technique, it's best to attempt and also adhere to the outer edges of the playing location and just do laps. Or if one of the various other faeries cuts you up, alloted a rectangle (preferably against a wall surface) and also simply fly round and also round until the others crash and burn.


There are numerous bonuses offered to you for skill as well as accuracy in your maneuvering. Basically, the closer you are to a wall surface when you turn, the more points you obtain. A warning, however. I have actually directly experienced a mild imperfection in the video game where I make a turn worth a substantial bonus offer (greater than 6 factors) and also make the points yet lose a life and "collision" although that the video game informs me something like "limited fit, yet you made it!" Just maintain that in mind when you're trying to choose the bonuses.

The incentives are as follows:. Daredevil Reward: 3 points for transforming close to a wall surface. Risk-taker Extreme Benefit: 6 factors for turning also better to a wall. Double Risk-taker Bonus: 12 factors for transforming near a wall with an additional wall surface close on the inside (i.e., close in between 2 wall surfaces). Double Adventurer Extreme Incentive: 21 points for transforming even better to a wall surface with an additional wall surface close on the within (i.e., in between two walls, but closer to one compared to the various other). Master Daredevil Bonus: 42 factors for turning incredibly close in between two wall surfaces.

Adventurer Bonus: 3 points for turning near a wall. Adventurer Extreme Perk: 6 factors for transforming even closer to a wall. Dual Risk-taker Incentive: 12 points for transforming close to a wall surface with an additional wall surface close on the within (i.e., close between two walls). Double Risk-taker Extreme Incentive: 21 factors for transforming even more detailed to a wall surface with one more wall surface close on the in (i.e., in between two wall surfaces, yet closer to one than the various other). Master Risk-taker Incentive: 42 factors for transforming super close between 2 wall surfaces.

Daredevil Bonus offer: 3 points for turning near a wall surface.

Adventurer Extreme Benefit: 6 factors for turning even closer to a wall.

Double Adventurer Bonus offer: 12 factors for turning near a wall surface with another wall close on the within (i.e., close between two walls).

Dual Daredevil Extreme Bonus offer: 21 factors for turning also closer to a wall surface with another wall close on the within (i.e., in between 2 walls, yet closer to one compared to the other).

Master Daredevil Bonus: 42 factors for transforming super close between 2 wall surfaces.

Each time you make one, your score will certainly go up the suitable quantity, as well as you'll see a message at the top of the screen applauding your close turn. Each bonus offer' message is different.

The Daredevil Bonus message.


There is a rumor that once you've gotten to over 1,000 factors in the game, you have the ability to gain additional lives (not to go beyond the optimum of 3 lives). The exact demands for this are presently unknown. If you have any added details, please let us know!

Hope this helped and also all the best with your races!