• Jan 20, 2017
  • by Ava Amazonian Warrior Princess

There comes a time in the life of an intrepid traveler when trekking through the very same teams of caves advertisement infinitum starts to lose its sheen. Just what was that? Hannah is itching for a new adventure in a faraway land? Well, she's got her desire!

How you can Play

For those who have played Hannah's previous adventures in the Ice and also Pirate Caves, Hannah and also the Kreludor Caves works in similar style. (Hannah is on her very own this time around, so no Armin to drag along!) It's a relatively standard system video game with boosters and dangers galore.

The lower 2 assesses indicate Hannah's gets of gas and also oxygen, respectively. While the video game has no timer as such, Hannah's oxygen books will slowly reduce during the course of the degree as well as, if the gamer does not grab added bottles, Hannah will pass away as well as the level will certainly end.


The following tricks control Hannah's activities around the map. To creep left or appropriate, as an example, one would hold down the 'crawl' and also 'ideal' secrets at the very same time; that is, 'down arrowhead' as well as 'best arrow'. The very same looks for jumping, similar to the Ice as well as Pirate Caves games.

Controls Left arrowhead Steps Hannah left Right arrow Moves Hannah right Up arrowhead or spacebar Dive Stand up arrow Fly with booster pack Hold down arrowhead Crawl

In-Game Things

Like any good system video game gallant journey, there are plenty of things for Hannah to find on her travels. Some may aid, while others might hinder.

In-Game Things Oxygen tankEssential for running and entering the caverns Gas tankEssential for flying and also hovering Treasure chestFind several of these in each level Colour-coded keysUsed to open matching coloured doors Boss monsterCannot be killed; should be jumped over HeartExtra life

Pointer: If you're running reduced on rocket fuel, pressing the up button or spacebar as soon as and afterwards pushing the left or appropriate keys will ensure you don't use any type of fuel. Pushing the up switch or spacebar once Hannah is in the air implies you will utilize a few of your fuel.

Degree Solutions

Idea For Prize Hunters

If you're serious about desiring a trophy for Hannah and the Kreludor Caves, you're not likely to get it simply for playing via all the levels-- rather, you'll need to repeat several of the lower (high-point as well as low-difficulty) levels. There's an extremely easy way to do this: prior to you begin the following degree, you have the option to go back and repeat an old one. Hence, you could play the very first number of degrees over as well as over once more to your heart's content up until you've obtained the score you need. Many thanks to Mcneillyf for reminding us!