• Nov 06, 2018
  • by JD DSoK Owner

Ever wondered how some people get so many Neopoints legitimately? 
Ever wondered how that three week old account has 20m already?
Scared to risk your account by buying Neopoints, or just want to stay legit?
There's tips and tricks to making money on the site, and none of it involves needing a high speed computer, super fast internet, or any illegal activity! 
I myself used to be one of the best resellers on the site. Reigning from 2008 - 2013. I made 100m a month when I went hard out, or 50m a month when I was barely online!

I'll be posting some tricks to resell better, faster, and smarter in this guide.
In addition to that, I'll be posting ways to avoid getting scammed, how to look out for scammed items, and help prevent any bad items from ending up on your account. Unless you want those bad cheap items! 

The guide will be split up into multiple sections -
  • The basics
  • Knowing item values
  • How to avoid getting scammed
  • Going a little more advanced
  • Spending your riches wisely
  • The gamble of trial and error.
  • Disclaimer

*The Basics*

So, reselling in short is just buying low and selling high. Simple right? WRONG! Sounds like a lot of hooplah, but it's not.
A lot of people are going to tell you that ETS (easy to sell) items such as Paint Brushes, Morphing Potions, Trans Potions, and Petpetpet's are the best thing to sell. They're wrong. Those items are the safest to sell. The best money is in the HTS (hard to sell) items. 

Paint Brushes Retired books
Morphing Potions KQ Code items
Petpetpet's RIC items (Rare item code) 
Non-R99 petpets, and popular cute Petpet's. R101+ wearables
Avatar items Collectable Cards
Hidden Tower items Some cove items
Some* Smugglers Cove items Plushies
All maps excluding Space and Underwater A lot of r180 items including books, gardening items, toys, Utility Fish, BD items, Sepcies related items.
Some* R99+ Stamps Almost every item below r99 will be HTS
Now, as stated above. The definition of reselling is buying low, and selling high. If that's what you plan on doing, then this guide is not for you. 
If that's what you plan on doing, all you need is a price guide, and an account to sell off. 

This guide, will teach you how to go more in depth, and maximize your profits without maximizing your profits. 
*Knowing item values*
Now. A lot of people think that the Trading Post dictates value, and many others in addition to that, think that Jellyneo's item database is accurate. Using either of these as a reliable source for spot on prices, is a big mistake. Both are easily manipulated by users to change the price however they want it.
There are many MANY users who will buy up Morphing Potions on the trading post, and then list prices at 800k+ because they have the "only one for sale" or because it's r99 and unpriced on the TP. From there, that person can just go to Jellyneo's item database, and input their price and the price changes. HUZZAH, it looks like that item is worth 2m but it's really only worth 200k. 

Now, I'm not discouraging using the TP prices as a reference when buying items. Jellyneo is incredibly inconsistent however and I do not recommend using their prices. Here's why:
Pay attention to the price fluctuation. 
From May 24th, 2010 - September 6th, 2010 the price jumped from roughly 50k to 3m. 
This is a common case of hyperinflation where one user buys all of a single item from the shop wizard, and prices it exponentially higher on the Trading Post. A lot of the time the user will have MANY quantity of the item, and will offer it on low end ETS items on the trading post, or anything that costs more than what they paid per item. Some items are harder to determine if they're inflated or not, but some of the more common item types are:
  • (TCG)'s
  • Old plot items
  • Buyable Keyquest code items
  • Buyable TCG RIC items
  • In some instances, complete junk restockable items

The best thing to do if someone offers an item that you think might be inflated is to check Jellyneo's price history: 

This is the only time I will EVER recommend specifically to use Jellyneo's item database as a price reference. Any other time I would say to use Trading Post as a reference, or ask for a price check on the Neoboards.

*How to avoid getting scammed*

There are a lot of scams that go around on the Neopets market.
First thing I want to say. If it seems too good to be true. Then it more than likely is.
The first scam I'll point out is one of the oldest in the book: Putting up Plushies to look like different items. 



Now, side to side, these items look completely different. You can notice the differences instantly without any issues and tell what's more expensive without even having to think about it.
People however, still get tricked with this simply because they're scrolling through trades and only glimpse at the Faerie Brush Plushie that's listed at 500k. 
The person then offers, gets their offer accepted, and they get junk instead of what they expected.
The biggest problem with this scam, is that it is NOT reportable unless the seller states that they want X amount for the more expensive item i.e "500k for this Faerie Paint Brush". In which case, it is reportable.
So stay attentive, and pay attention when offering. The last thing you need is a garbage item, and a short end bank account when you're reselling! 

Now, another scam that I've already covered a bit is hyperinflation of items.
People will constantly find items that have a small quantity on the shop wizard and from there they'll buy the items, and list them on TP from their main account, or a side/shell account to give it a false price. And from there they offer the items on your more valuable items. I won't cover it very much in this section because it was covered previously. But I do want to strongly emphasize that if you're uncertain about an items increase in value, make a price check thread. There have been instances where items legitimately hyperinflated from 3k to 3m overnight (Gourmet Cooking for your Pet when Bonju was found, Wishing Well items when the Wishing Well avatar was released...)

Now, what do you see in this screenshot?

The next common scam, is exactly what's posted above. 
Someone puts a trade up and says their item is worth X amount but they're quickselling for a massive discount. I won't say these are always scams because there are people who do put up legitimate trades like this where their items are worth X amount like they claim, and they're selling for a large discount. It doesn't happen very often however.
But, with the previous screenie:


Very clearly, the item isn't worth 10m. It's not worth 1m. It's not even worth 100k. 
This is an incredibly common practice. If you see something like this, go with your gut and stay away from it or buy it. 
My motto when I was big on reselling was "I'd rather take a small loss, than miss out on a large profit." And to this day it's something that I stand by. 
Once you get into the groove of reselling, you will definitely be running into more profits than you will losses. In the beginning, you may run into a loss once or even twice a day. It's a learning process, and the beginning is always the worst. But it gets much better! 

The last major scam, unfortunately I won't be able to get my hands on any screenies for. 
This scam is most common when it comes to dealing with other resellers!


*Going a little more advanced*

Up to this point, I haven't really covered how to resell correctly. So let me tell you how to do it incorrectly.
-Buying an item for 150k and selling it for 200k is wrong.
-Buying a Baby Brush on the SW for 50k and selling it for 575k is wrong.
-Buying a Pile of Dung for 150k and selling it for 10 NP's is wrong. 

The only time I'll ever really emphasize selling an item for a fast pure profit is when you're strapped on pure. If you've got 100m pure to work with, and you snipe a Baby PB for 50k. Don't sell that for 575k. Hold onto it. It'll be more beneficial later on.

Trading up

Here's why selling that Baby PB for 575k is wrong. 
To break it down, you've spent 50k on a Baby PB. That Baby PB can be sold for pure, or used in a trade.
If you use it for a 1:1 trade, then you basically only pay 50k for the item you traded for. 
So there's a reseller trade lot up. 550k for any seven UB's the seller might have up. It's a good deal right? Seven UB's for 550k? Even if you toss them all into your shop, you profit. But you only profit a minimal amount.
You see this trade, and you have that Baby PB that you sniped for 50k. You don't offer pure on that trade. Screw that. Pay 50k for the trade and offer the Baby PB for it.
The user accepts your offer, and you now have seven UB's that you paid 50k for.


This is where you start selling items for pure

You now look at the items you traded for, and they're all worth 150k - 350k each. 
From here, you minimize what you can sell them for. 100k each if you want to quicksell, is a 650k profit on a Baby PB. More than the Baby PB was even worth to begin with. And that's just at the minimum. Or you can repeat. Take these seven items that you paid 50k for, with a combined value of 1.05m - 2.1m for a different ETS item like a Faerie Paint Brush worth 1.4m. Trade them directly, and you've now paid 50k for a Faerie Paint Brush. It's entirely your choice how you work your items.

Let's dive a little bit deeper

In this situation, you have no pure, but you have the items mentioned above.

You have no pure, but there is a Royal Paint Brush on TP and you want to try to make a deal for it, but the seller wants pure involved in the trade as leeway. 
How do you get the trade? 

You've still only paid 50k for these items, so keep in mind that anything is profit above that 50k mark.

You have a collector offering 500k for three items that are valued at the 150k - 200k mark. This being full price, you accept.
You now have 500k pure and four items worth somewhere between 600k and 1.2m.
Royal Paint Brush is valued at 1.7m.
You offer the PB owner 500k pure and the four items you have for the PB and they accept.

On a realistic note, if you wanted the fast profit for the items, you could have sold them in your shop for 100k each and made a 650k profit from the start.
However, with just a little muscle, 50k can be turned into 700k, or 1m, or 10m depending on how your scenario plays out.

TP sniping

This is simple, easy, and to the point.
First things first, you need to know what a TP snipe is.

This is a TP snipe.
The Dragonfly Nymph is worth 1.5m, but thrown in with a bunch of junk items.

This is not a TP snipe.
Why? The seller has a (junky) set of items with the Rainbow Paint Brush. This is a common practice among sellers. Having something simple and cheap to go with your big value item makes it seem like a better purchase, and appears more often on TP in searches.

So how do you offer on TP snipes? 
Cheap. You offer very low. This is a perfect example.

This is an exact offer on the trade listed above with the Dragonfly Nymph. 
The user offering clearly sees the Dragonfly Nymph and is hoping that the seller (in this case me) doesn't know the value of the Nymph, and will jump on what could appear as a large offer for the trade. This is the correct way to offer. 

This is not the correct way to offer on a TP snipe.
Chances are someone else sees the snipe just like you do, and they can offer correctly. If they offer more accordingly, you won't get the TP snipe. And you want the TP snipes!

In closing, please note

Trading up is MUCH easier when dealing with higher end HTS items. If you can buy a high end HTS plot prize, retired item, code item, Cove item, or similar items for a good discount, I always advise doing so. If you can get a 5m HTS item for 1.5m pure, and you know you can sell it for 3m, or use it in a trade for 2.5m value (or vice versa) do it. These small quantity HTS items are worth A LOT in bulk.
If you pay 15m for ten items worth 5m tops each, you can trade them in bulk +/- pure with a value from anywhere between the lower end of 20m, up to 45m depending on the item and who you're dealing with. The profits are entirely situation based on who/what/why.

Who's buying?
What items are involved?
Why are they being? To resell, or to collect?

*Spending your riches*

As a reseller myself, my goal was always to make more and get the items I wanted along the way.
This little section is just a reminder to budget your money appropriately.
Remember, you can't make money without money.

Set a limit for yourself. If your goal is to just make more money, then by all means put all your investments into reselling.
If you're looking to add to your gallery, paint your pets, train a BD pet, buy a BD set. Anything. Set yourself a percentile to spend out of X amount of money and don't go past it. If you want to set X amount as your budget rather than a percentile, who am I to discourage you? Work it however you know you can hit your goals and continue making money.

If you overspend on your goals at any point, I'd recommend cutting back and spending a short bit of time solely on making more money to recuperate your spendings. From there, start splurging again!