• Jan 19, 2017
  • by Ava Amazonian Warrior Princess

Are all those new-fangled video games making your head spin? Excessive approach, a lot of measurements, inadequate ladders? If it's an easy, traditional video game you're after, Hubrid's Hero Break-in could be simply things you're trying to find ...

The best ways to Play

Based on the Neopets TCG story, each degree is comprised of numerous systems, linked by ladders. You regulate the anonymous Poogle Pupil on a mission to save the globe from Hubrid Nox and redeem the Heroes of Neopia.

The aim is to beat the adversaries in each of the 36 degrees in order to rescue 6 different heroes. The heroes - Magnus the Lantern, Jeran, Master Vex, Illusen, Jerdana and also Queen Fyora are saved after defeating levels 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, as well as 36, respectively.


In this classic-style system game, removaling is simple! The left as well as right arrows relocate you left and also right. To beat opponents, hold down the spacebar and strategy your target. When you obtain close enough, the opponent will certainly reduce, at which point you can defeat it by strolling over it. Holding back the spacebar and also striking the up or down arrow transports you up or down a solitary flooring on the degree, however this only works if there is a floor directly above or below you.

There are a couple of different means you can die, however, so look out! The initial one is to face an adversary - with the exception of the Dark Faerie. While touching her will not kill you, obtaining struck by her tool will. You could likewise pass away if you obtain struck by one of the items thrown by the Lupes as well as Shoyrus. Likewise, you can die by lacking time on a level - although this is challenging to do due to the fact that you are offered a fairly long time frame where to finish every one.


Adversaries will generally act in the very same style each time you play a degree. As pointed out earlier, the only way to move on to the next degree is to effectively defeat every one of the enemies.

However, the Dark Faerie can not be defeated and also for that reason does not have to be beat to advance to the following level. For the levels she is capable of showing up on, she will show up randomly (in some cases numerous times in a single level). She is just an included challenge - so keep an eye out for her light beams.

Bonus offer Items

After an enemy is defeated, it will certainly leave behind an item for a quick time period - this item can be accumulated for bonus factors. The product that appears is entirely arbitrary, yet you need to attempt to gather all the items in order to optimize your factors.

Products will just stay on-screen for 10 secs after an opponent is defeated, so time is important. In addition, they will appear in a random location - NOT in the location where the adversary was beat. Occasionally this is also in position you cannot reach. At the end of each degree, you have 5 seconds to run around as well as collect any type of items you could have missed out on, along with the product from the last enemy defeated. The exemption to this is degrees 12, 18, 24, 30, and 36 - these degrees will certainly finish quickly after the last opponent is defeated, and you will not be able to accumulate the thing from that adversary.


Points are primarily awarded for beating enemies. Each adversary will net you 100 factors, with a 400 factor bonus offer if you defeat them all without shedding a life. (Note: You do not get this reward if you have to replay the degree.) You will also obtain an extra life automatically when you get to 10,000 factors, as well as once more when you get to 100,000 factors.

Factors are likewise awarded for collecting incentive products when you defeat an opponent. The factor values vary between items as well as are shown in the table in the previous area.


If you're looking for a trophy in this video game, you'll intend to focus on gaining as several factors as feasible as well as, obviously, surviving. However you have little control over the variety of points you get, because you might not receive lots of beneficial incentive items. It is therefore essential to attempt to gather the incentive things when whatsoever possible.

The best means to make certain collection of all bonus items is to defeat enemies individually - defeat one, gather its reward thing, and after that repeat. This can of course be readjusted for situations where you have to defeat an opponent in order to conserve your life, or when an enemy relaxes beside a bonus offer item that you're traveling to get. This is specifically crucial in degrees 12, 18, 24, 30, as well as 36, since your degree will certainly finish the 2nd you beat the last enemy.

Just how am I meant to assist? I do not have opposable thumbs !!

Bear in mind, though, that there is a time limit as well as if your level is particularly unpleasant, you may begin approaching it. In this circumstances, it is much more advantageous to ignore the benefit products and also complete the level within the time structure, to avoid shedding a life. Nonetheless, if you are nearing the end of the game (or are certain in your capability to stay alive) you may be willing to take the chance of a life in order to gain the additional points.

For particular enemy-related approaches, scroll back up to our enemies section!

Quick Keys

Transport is one of the very best ways to prevent the Dark Faerie Defeat the adversaries one at a time to maximize your bonus factors To the end of the video game, consider replaying a level (by shedding a life) to gain additional points Go slow-moving! You're unlikely to run out of time, as well as there's no have to lose a life on a silly blunder

Transport is one of the very best ways to prevent the Dark Faerie Beat the opponents individually to maximize your incentive points To completion of the game, take into consideration replaying a degree (by losing a life) to make additional points Go slow-moving! You're not likely to lack time, and there's no should squander a life on a ridiculous error

Transportation is one of the very best methods to stay clear of the Dark Faerie

Beat the enemies one by one to maximize your incentive factors

Towards the end of the game, take into consideration repeating a level (by shedding a life) to earn extra points

Go slow-moving! You're unlikely to run out of time, as well as there's no need to waste a life on a ridiculous error

Degree Maps

For your heisting pleasure, we have actually worked up degree pictures for all 36 degrees of Hubrid's Hero Heist.