• Jan 19, 2017
  • by Ava Amazonian Warrior Princess

High up in the mountainous reaches of northern Neopia lies the mist-covered land of Shenkuu, an empire bound by the virtues of honor, technique, as well as knowledge. As it is once again time for Shenkuu's imperial assessment, citizens have come from everywhere to get involved as well as receive the awards given to the land's highest-rated scholars. Just the most professional Neopians are allowed, nevertheless, and if the supervisor himself proves not able to discriminate, he might be seeking a new work ...

Don't woory, I'm a professunal!

The best ways to Play

The gameplay of Imperial Test is uncomplicated and easy to regulate. As soon as you've selected your language and trouble degree, you will certainly be presented with a line of examination hopefuls. As each advances, they lead to a word; if the word is meant properly, press the up arrowhead secret to let them through. If the word is spelled improperly, press the down arrow secret to transform them away. You should admit a specific number of certified Neopians within the time restriction (60 seconds) to get rid of each stage. If you allow a wrong punctuation through, you will certainly lose among your possibilities, which you have only 3 throughout the video game. Averting correct punctuations won't impact your chances, however it will cost you 5 factors. If you consume all your chances or the moment goes out, it will certainly be Video game Over.

University? Yes, I daresay that you must participate in one.


While playing on the higher trouble settings will certainly provide you longer words with less obvious punctuation errors, this does not affect the score whatsoever. If you're aiming to get a high rating as conveniently as possible, whether it's for a trophy or a gaming event, play on the Basic trouble.

Each proper judgment, whether you're admitting somebody or turning them away, is worth 5 factors on every trouble degree. On the other hand, inaccurate judgments will subtract 5 points from your rating. Due to this, while you will certainly completed with a base score of 675 points (5 points multiplied by 135 Neopians throughout the program of the game), the number of inaccurate punctuations you turn away could often double your factors made.

There's no other way to anticipate or influence the number of incorrect punctuations that will certainly show up, so to get a high score you will certainly need to play continuously as well as wish to obtain fortunate.


There are 4 types of spelling mistakes in Imperial Exam: letters being included, letters being removed, two letters in brief switching area, as well as letters being altered. While most of these adjustments are apparent, there are some that are conveniently forgotten, such as thier instead of their, or cheif rather than chief. The video game consists of numerous words that are spelled likewise to the inaccurate punctuations of various other words, such as limit being incorrectly meant boundry, as well as foundry being meant foundary. Offered just how irregular English is about such spelling regulations, the only means to stay clear of these traps is by discovering the correct punctuations of the words in your trouble of choice.

Punctuation Solutions

Each of the game's 150 words has just one inaccurate spelling. If you see create led to as develope, that is the only misspelling of words you will see. Select a problem level as well as language below to see the proper as well as wrong punctuations of all words utilized because video game setting. Due to exactly how the video game manages Asian languages inside, we are currently not able to collect information on them; if you would like to help us in including an Oriental language to this overview, please call us through the feedback kind below this page.

English Solutions: Basic

Hismelf, Fonetic ... Yuonger? No, no and NO!

Quick Secrets

Each word has actually just one misspelled variation. Imperial Examination utilizes the American spelling of English words. If you're uncertain of a punctuation, turn them away; you may lose points, yet you will not shed a chance. The number of individuals you need to confess increases with each stage, however the moment limitation does not. Problem does not influence the factors offered, so use Fundamental when going with a high score.

Each word has just one misspelled variation.

Imperial Examination uses the American spelling of English words.

If you're unclear of a punctuation, turn them away; you could lose factors, yet you won't shed a possibility.

The number of individuals you have to confess boosts with each stage, but the time restriction does not.

Trouble does not influence the points offered, so play on Fundamental when opting for a high score.

Easter Eggs

Each species of Neopet included in the game has 2 animations that will play when the arrow is floated over them during gameplay. While this serves no purpose, it could be fun to view them impatiently awaiting you making your decision. You will also sometimes see a notepad reading "Weepit was right here" plastered over the Imperial Test check in the top-left corner of the screen. This easter egg can be discovered in several video games that the TNT member Weepit dealt with; if you're interested, we have a full listing of Weepit's easter eggs.