• Jan 19, 2017
  • by Ava Amazonian Warrior Princess

Have a concern with Lord Kass? The residents of Meridell certainly do, and also they agree to let you know the enjoyable that is Kass Basher.

How To Play

In this game you play as a Blumaroo holding different club-like objects with which to turn at a plushie, formed like Lord Kass, which drops from a tree branch. The objective in this video game is to hit the plushie as far as you can; the farther you hit the plushie, the a lot more factors (as well as Neopoints) you get. Naturally, it's not simply good luck - you need to pay attention to the rate of the wind, and also exactly where and when to strike the plushie.

You could use either the left mouse switch or the space bar to turn your bat and also to control the plushie's cape. When the plushie has actually come to a total stop, a Turtum will go out with a little flag to determine exactly how far you whacked it.

The Problem Levels

To start with you will just have access to easy setting. In this mode, the plushie drops from the tree really slowly and also you whack it with a long stick of bread. You cannot get significantly power behind your swing at this level though. You will should whack the plushie 175 meters in order to unlock the following difficulty degree.

In tool setting you are armed with a wood stick. This moment the plushie drops a bit faster and you could strike it with a bit extra pressure. You will certainly need to strike it past the 450 meter mark to open the final trouble level.

When playing in tough setting you reach whack the plushie with a spiked bat. The plushie falls from the tree much faster and you could really obtain some power behind your swing. You could obtain hits up to and over 1,000 meters in this setting.

The Wind

In the reduced left corner of the game display you will certainly observe a wind-speed indication. The little flag added to the tree branch will reveal you which instructions the wind is blowing in and the number in the lower corner will certainly tell you exactly how highly it is blowing. The speed ranges from -9 (blowing strongly from delegated right) to 9 (blowing strongly from right to left). Timing your whack to coincide with a solid gust of wind will certainly obtain you a further distance.

The Plushie's Cape

Once you have hit the plushie, you still have some control over it while it impends. Making use of either the left mouse button or the area bar you could control whether his cape flaps openly or if it is drawn tight. This could affect just how much your plushie flies and also can be the choosing factor regarding whether you get to a high rating or otherwise.

The Drackonack

At around the 820 meter mark, there is a rock. This is what the rock appears like:

Clicking it will cause the Turtum that measures your smacks to be changed with a Drackonack on your following whack.

Once you have the Drackonack, you have to be a bit careful to maintain him. See, whereas you could make the Turtum hurry throughout the display to determine your whack by clicking anywhere on the display, doing this to earn the Drackonack rush will certainly trigger him to change back to the Turtum once more. He does not such as being hurried, so hold your horses if you like the novelty of having him around. He doesn't proactively do anything to modify the game in your favour, he just looks cuter compared to the Turtum.

The Tree

On uncommon celebrations, your bat will certainly be changed by the whole tree. This is how some Neopians procure scores of 1,700 or above. The tree allows you to whack the plushie even harder compared to the bat, so capitalize if your Blumaroo is holding the tree. You could have to wait a while for the wind to reach a respectable rate, however it will take a whole lot less time compared to waiting to obtain the tree once more.

Many thanks to Tamisha for a picture of the tree at work


To begin a video game, press either the left mouse switch or the area bar to make the plushie diminish the tree branch. You need to attempt to hit the plushie when it goes to this factor:

Exactly how swiftly it gets there will certainly depend on which mode you are playing. It is best to work your means up via the levels as well as progression to the more difficult phases when you fit, as it is right here where you can obtain the larger distances.

Immediately after you have whacked the plushie, hold back either the area bar or the left computer mouse secret to draw in the plushie's cape. Having it taut against the plushie will make it a lot more aerodynamic therefore it will travel greater into the air. After that when the plushie goes to its "height" (right before it begins to come down), release the button to unfurl his cape. This permits the plushie to obtain one of the most out of the current gust of wind. As a result of this, it is very important to time your hit when the wind-speed sign shows the wind is blowing at an 8 or, whenever feasible, at a 9.

When the plushie strikes the ground, there is a means of eeking out a couple of final meters. As soon as it hits the floor the very first time, press as well as hold the left computer mouse switch or room bar. Do this up until it gets to the height of its 2nd bounce and then release. It is possible to duplicate this process a total of 6 times if you time it perfectly, although by the 4th time you are practically simply clicking and launching because the time in between the bounces is so short.

If you begin a video game as well as the wind speed appears to be lingering the reduced end of the range, click to earn the plushie loss however do not swing at it. Then you could click anywhere on the screen to begin a brand-new video game where, with any luck, the wind rate will be higher. You can repeat this as sometimes as you like and it won't affect your scores (unless you have actually enabled the Drackonack).

If your objective is to attain the avatar for this video game, you will certainly need to whack the plushie 850 meters or additional to unlock it. So as to get an avatar-worthy rating, you should be playing on the hard trouble and also must just be aiming to hit the plushie when the wind is blowing at a 9.

Quick Tricks

You could make use of either the left computer mouse switch or the room bar making the Blumaroo swing his tool of choice. Hold the left computer mouse switch (or the space bar) from the minute the bat hits the plushie to keep in the flappy components of the plushie's cape. Release when the plushie strikes its optimal as well as starts to come down. As the plushie hits the ground, click in time with the impact making it bounce and also get an additional couple of lawns. This can be done up to six times in quick succession if you time it right. Just strike the plushie when the wind speed is 7 or higher. For an avatar-score you need to wait up until it reaches 9. Actively miss the plushie if your wind rate is 7 or reduced. With any luck, the following time you reach bat the wind speed will be greater.

You can use either the left mouse switch or the space bar making the Blumaroo turn his tool of choice.

Hold the left mouse button (or the room bar) from the minute the bat strikes the plushie to hold in the flappy parts of the plushie's cape. Launch as soon as the plushie hits its top and starts to boil down.

As the plushie hits the ground, click in time with the impact to earn it bounce and acquire an extra few backyards. This could be done up to six times in fast sequence if you time it right.

Only strike the plushie when the wind speed is 7 or better. For an avatar-score you must wait till it reaches 9.

Purposefully miss the plushie if your wind rate is 7 or lower. Hopefully, the next time you get to bat the wind rate will be greater.


Send out a score of 850+ points in Kass Basher.