• Jan 19, 2017
  • by Ava Amazonian Warrior Princess

Considereded as instead withdrawn by her peers, Linae takes no passion in manning the deck of The Cyodrake's Gaze or discovering her stunning homeland of Shenkuu. All she intends to do is construct frameworks making use of patterned ceramic tiles, as well as disassemble them as rapidly as feasible by getting rid of matched pairs. Some state that she's just wasting her time ... Prior to coming to be lost to the tile-matching craze themselves, that is.

I could stop playing anytime I want! A-Any ... Any time ...

The best ways to Play

To play Kou-Jong, utilize your mouse to click on a "free" tile to select it, after that click on a matching cost-free tile to get rid of both from the game. A complimentary ceramic tile is any type of floor tile with an empty space to either the left or right of it on the exact same level. If a ceramic tile has various other tiles to both the left as well as right of it, or is covered by a ceramic tile on a higher level, you will be not able to choose it up until one of the tiles obstructing it has actually been removed. For 2 ceramic tiles to be taken into consideration a suit, they need to have the very same layout; a floor tile with 4 pieces of bamboo will just match with one more four-bamboo ceramic tile, while an arm punctuating will only match another arm pointing up.

The exemptions to this policy are the Blossom and Season tile collections. Each collection includes 4 floor tiles, as well as only one of each tile appears in the video game. To remove them, they must be matched with one more tile from the same set; Blossom tiles could just be matched with various other Blossom tiles, and Season floor tiles with various other Season tiles

The Blossom tiles

The Period ceramic tiles.

When you start a stage, you will certainly be given a time benefit, which counts down at a price of one factor per secondly. This only influences the factors you obtain, and also you won't be penalized for letting it run out. If the time bonus drops as well low to obtain ball game you're pursuing, or if you lack legitimate suits, you can press the Reset button to begin the phase over. You'll shed the points earned in the existing phase, however will maintain the factors from previous stages, as well as your time incentive will certainly be reset. There is no limitation to the number of times you could reset the phase. When you have actually lacked valid matches, picking a floor tile or aiming to utilize a tip will cause the video game to show a message prompting you to reset.

Each stage additionally features a number of hints, depending on the trouble setting: one hint for Easy, two for Tool, and 3 for Hard. When used via the Hint switch, they will certainly show you an arbitrary suit, laid out in yellow. For an additional tip, kind the code cyodrake at any time throughout play. This code could only be used when per game, but will certainly carry over from stage to stage, as well as will certainly stay if you press the Reset button. When utilized, however, the added tip is premanently gone.

Gone like a Cyodrake on the wind ... Or something like that.


For each matching set of tiles gotten rid of from play, you will get 2 points. Each phase contains a set number of ceramic tiles, so each trouble setting has a base variety of points you will certainly always get after completing the game.

Each difficulty likewise has a time benefit, which will certainly count down at a price of one point per secondly while you play. Whatever is left of your time benefit when you end up the current phase is integrated keeping that stage's base factors, and contributed to your total score. The time incentive varies with the difficulty level: Easy mode has 60 points (one min) each phase, Tool has 180 points (three minutes), and also Hard has 360 points (6 minutes). If you're attempting to get to the high score table, or betting a gaming occasion, you should use Difficult mode and attempt to invest less compared to three minutes on each phase. If your time reward goes down below 200 points, take into consideration resetting the stage.


In Kou-Jong, your priority must be to free as many ceramic tiles as you can, to provide on your own as many prospective matches as possible. To do this, focus on removing the highest layers to make sure that you can see the tiles below, permitting you to earn far better decisions based upon this info. While the most affordable layer normally has the most floor tiles, the majority of them are blocked, and will only come to be complimentary once the ceramic tiles in addition to them are removed. A good example of this could be seen in the picture listed below.

Two matching floor tiles are visible on the right and in the reduced left, featuring a brilliant blue and also yellow Starberry Satay design. While this could feel like a simple suit to earn, take a moment as well as check out the floor tiles around them. If you get rid of the one on the right, the floor tile directly under it will come to be noticeable, yet will still be enclosed by a floor tile with six circles. If the one in the lower left is eliminated, the tile to the right of it will end up being totally free on that particular degree, yet will certainly still be blocked by the 7 circle ceramic tile above it. Both of these blocking tiles could be gotten rid of, yet each would only free one floor tile.

Along with this, check out the ceramic tiles you would certainly have to match them with to remove them. The other six and 7 circle ceramic tiles that are presently cost-free are in the facility, blocking several floor tiles. If you were to match the four tiles right here with each various other, you would certainly release much more tiles compared to you would certainly have attempting to match the Starberry Satay. While some matches such as this stand apart greater than others, you need to aim to concentrate on which matches will have the most impact on your video game.

Ultimately, consider the 5 circle tile in the facility. This would likely be the initial tile you attempt to remove, as well as there are two complimentary floor tiles to the left that you could match it with. Attempt to avoid making snap reasonings or random selections on suits like these, nevertheless; while either appears to work similarly well on a look, the upper ceramic tile is a much better selection. Not just would you release a floor tile by choosing the top one, however in order to free the floor tile beside the lower, you would have to make 4 other matches ... All which would make use of ceramic tiles better matched somewhere else.

Okay, so if I match these ... yet then ... Hmm ...

Quick Keys

Select suits that will free one of the most variety of floor tiles. The Reset button can be made use of as lot of times as you would love to restart a phase. Function down from the top, removing the higher layers of floor tiles asap. When opting for a high score, try to make at least 600 factors from time benefits. Kind the code cyodrake when each game for an added hint.

Select suits that will free one of the most number of ceramic tiles. The Reset switch could be utilized as sometimes as you want to restart a stage. Function down from the top, clearing out the higher layers of ceramic tiles immediately. When opting for a high score, attempt to gain at the very least 600 factors from time perks. Kind the code cyodrake once per game for an additional hint.

Choose suits that will release the most variety of ceramic tiles.

The Reset switch could be used as sometimes as you 'd like to reactivate a stage.

Work below the top, removing the greater layers of tiles as soon as possible.

When going with a high score, try to gain a minimum of 600 factors from time bonuses.

Type the code cyodrake as soon as each game for an added hint.