• Jan 19, 2017
  • by Ava Amazonian Warrior Princess

Mootix Drop is a very easy as well as fun video game where you regulate a Mootix through rings and come down on a target on a Petpet.

* slips into Kadoatie * Hey! Get off me!


Mootix Drop has two game settings: Goals and Single Drop. An objective is where you should finish several levels of the game. Solitary Decline is where you should accumulate all the rings and accumulate targets in degrees you have completed while doing missions. If this is your first time playing, the Single Decline mode will certainly be locked, and you could only play on Easy.


Make use of the arrow secrets to relocate your Mootix around the screen and via the rings in the level. You will obtain 2 factors for entering the ring, and also 4 if you enter it right in the center.

When all the rings have flown past the screen, the Mootix will certainly have a parachute. You require the Mootix to arrive at the target as close to the facility as feasible. Your score from the rings will certainly be multiplied by the multiplier to obtain your level score. (Note: The little targets provide greater multipliers compared to the large target). If you're playing on a mission, you relocate to the next petpet on the mission. On Solitary Decrease mode, you collect the target if it's the first time landing on that certain target, and get the choice to send score.


Mootix Decrease has a number of codes that enable you to play the levels in a different way. Most of the codes are meaningless, or makes the video game harder, yet they are enjoyable to claim the least.

On the display that tells you the petpet you get on prior to you start the level, press up or down. You will certainly see a symbol in the lower appropriate corner. Use the backwards and forwards secrets to transform the icon because column, as well as right/left to alter columns. Make the adhering to mixes for sure impacts. Keep in mind that the code entering in the game is glitchy as well as might not work constantly.

Mootix Drop Enjoyable Codes + + Makes the Mootix go very quickly + + Makes the Mootix incredibly big + + Makes the Mootix slower, but provides you a 5 point running start + + Makes the Mootix incredibly tiny + + Makes the Mootix unseen + + Transforms your video game upside-down, yet provides you a 10 point head start + + Turns your dropping Mootix right into a Spyder and also offers you an 8 factor head start + + Adds 50 points to your overall level rating (many thanks bartdrunkeys for the suggestion!). +. +. Start with 8888 factors, with rings worth 1000 factors (2000 in the center), once you enter parachute mode, you fly up and also up and up, as a limitless degree.

Enjoy, and best of luck dropping those Mootix!