• Jan 19, 2017
  • by Ava Amazonian Warrior Princess

Some people think this game is boring ... pointless ... not wonderful ... But it isn't really!

Where else can you take care of a broken pot of flowers by just touching it with a mop? Petpetsitter is quite a magical game that utilizes your reaction-speed, your time-judgement, and also magic. Generally, you shuffle around aiming to fix all the Petpet's problems, tidying up their messes, making listed below base pay, while your boss is outdoors attempting to dodge the Internal Revenue Service for working with underage employees ...


Petpetsitter largely utilizes your sense of time-management. You start out in the video game with a Petpet crawling around, and also at some point that Petpet needs something. You have a minimal time (the assigned time lowers as you progress with the video game) to bring the petpet to where he should go in order to satisfy their needs.

Here is a list of the problems as well as just how you fix them:

Troubles Picture Problem Description ID # (for photo below). Starving for Contentment of Appetite. The petpet is hungry ... Possibly we should allow him eat? 1. Starving for Something to Do. The petpet is tired ... Possibly we should allow him outside? 2. Hungry for Repairs. The thing is damaged ... Let's place it in the garage and see exactly what takes place. 3. Starving for Rest. The petpet is exhausted ... Perhaps we should let him sleep? 4. Starving for Peeing. The petpet has to go ... We ought to allow him go. 5.


Above lists the problems as well as where to take the Petpets to solve the corresponding trouble. Along with the Petpet's requirements, there are 5 different sorts of messes you could clean up with the mop.

Milk bottles knocked over. Pail overturned. Flower pot broken. Petpet urinates on the floor. Robot petpet leaves oil on floor.

Milk containers knocked over.

Pail overturned.

Blossom pot damaged.

Petpet pees on the flooring.

Robot petpet leaves oil on floor.

The initial three listed all will certainly take place no matter just what you do. When a Petpet encounters among the products it is overturned as well as you shed five points. However by cleansing it up, you gain 10 factors. Eventually you'll wish to simply overlook those objects - as they aren't going to stop you from moving forward in the game.

Number 4 (petpet pees on floor) will certainly occur if you do not let a petpet that needs to go, go. A robot petpet will certainly leave oil on the flooring if it needs repair services as well as you do not put it in the garage. You will certainly never see a living petpet require fixings nor a robot petpet needing to do anything yet be fixed (if you do, it either has rabies, or it's magic).


Below is a listing of how you could lose/gain "pocket money".

- 5: Petpet hits 1 of 3 objects (milk containers, pail, as well as flowerpot). + 10: Tidy up after Petpet hits 1 of 3 objects. + 10: Solve a Petpet's issue (listed above in image). + 10: Tidy up after a Petpet's problem (urine, oil). - 1 Life: Let a Petpet go past its time limit on fixing its issue.

- 5: Petpet hits 1 of 3 items (milk containers, bucket, and also flowerpot).

+ 10: Clean up after Petpet strikes 1 of 3 objects.

+ 10: Fix a Petpet's trouble (noted above in image).

+ 10: Tidy up after a Petpet's issue (pee, oil).

- 1 Life: Let a Petpet go past its time limit on fixing its problem.

Rip off.

Enter "oscillabot" throughout gameplay for an additional life. As soon as per game.


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