• Jan 19, 2017
  • by Ava Amazonian Warrior Princess

The circumstance is bad: Lunara, the child of the Emperor of Shenkuu, has actually gone missing, and also her bedroom was discovered trashed when she was checked after. Where is she? Is she all right? Well, you'll find the answers to those inquiries when you complete the video game, however below is an overview of give you the solution to all the various other questions there are.

In the game, you play a young Aisha that wishes to assist in the investigation; the trouble is, the Royal residence Guards that are performing it will not let anybody that cannot answer their questions pass the bridges leading to the crime scenes. If she obtains a question incorrect, she'll simply need to bribe a guard with some of your indicate allow her pass, as well as the bribes get greater as the video game goes on; if she doesn't have sufficient points entrusted to bribe a guard with, he will (for one reason or another) think that she is accountable for the kidnapping!

Lunara, the abducted princess, and her Kazeriu Petpet. Just what happened to her?

Ways to Play

There are 3 guards, each specializing in a various location of Neopian trivia: All About Neopia, Neopian Culture, and Notable Neopians. This is a multiple-choice test, where you need to click the proper solution listed under the question. This implies fast reading of the concerns and a fast computer to get optimal points (but if you're just betting Neopoints, you do not have to be also rapid). Concerns can happen in any kind of order! You might locate it better to stay with one classification for the entire 12 concerns; it makes it simpler to remember responses swiftly.

At the start of the video game, you can select between addressing a total amount of 6 or 12 questions; with this guide, you need to absolutely select 12, which is readied to default. You could likewise have fun with as much as 2 other people, which ought to be utilized for fun instead of obtaining Neopoints.


The quicker you click the responses, the higher a Rate Perk you obtain. The existing high score is 300 factors, the greatest feasible score in the video game. Currently, there are 24 concerns for each and every of the three groups, each one listed under its correct category in indexed order.

Everything about Neopia

This group concentrates on the real lands of Neopia.

Q: Roughly, how many times a day is the Petpet Puddle used? A: Greater than 1000

Q: Exactly how much is Brightvale from Meridell? A: 50 miles western

Q: If you wanted a meal at The Golden Dubloon, where would you go? A: Krawk Island

Q: In Cooty Wars, shooting this types of Petpetpet will get rid of all Mootix with open parachutes from the screen? A: Squippit

Q: In which Neopian land are you most likely to be assaulted by robot Chia Clowns? A: Haunted Woods

Q: In which Neopian land can you trade unusual fruit with a faerie, have your old toys repaired as well as send a Tuskaninny over a cliff? A: Horror Mountain

Q: Over whom does Woman Frostbite rule? A: Darblats

Q: These Neopets obtain a bit of a trim on the Sixth day of resting? A: Gnorbu

Q: These Petpets are usually utilized as scouts by the Meridellian Military? A: Karrens

Q: The store owner of Fanciful Animal is a member of which Neopian types? A: Koi

Q: This renowned Neopian witch provides Spooky Food in exchange for potion components? A: Edna

Q: Exactly what are Poogle 4's odds at Poogle Racing? A: 7:1

Q: What do the citizens of Secret Island call the stone circle at the top of the Deserted Burial place in Geraptiku? A: Kalahnto

Q: What gift from the Room Faerie can shield your Neopet from Dark Magic in the Battledome? A: Bandolaro

Q: Just what is the Ghost Lupe's name believed to have been? A: Sylva

Q: Exactly what is the name of the dark faerie that Aethia ran into in the Haunted Woods? A: Fiona

Q: What species of Neopet does Matt the Sewage Internet user fight in the sewer? A: Krawk

Q: Just what type of covering does the Collectable Sea Shells storekeeper put on around her neck? A: Scallop Shell

Q: Where did the Cyodrake's Gaze dock when the team was looking for aid in discovering Hoban? A: Krawk Island

Q: Which condition will provide a Neopet an aching throat and coughing fits? A: Kikoughela

Q: Which Neopian illness will a Tonu catch if it consumes a Negg? A: Neezles

Q: Which Neopian land was found on the 30th day of the month of Swimming? A: Meridell

Q: Which popular Neopian found the Lost Desert? A: Brucey B.

Q: Who is Neopia's Leading Plushie Magnate? A: Simon.

Neopian Society.

This group concentrates on every one of the various kinds of individuals in Neopia, plus a few occasions and also video games.

Q: A Neopet which colour as well as varieties guided Teacher Fairweather as well as his party to Captain Rouke? A: Pirate Shoyru.

Q: The number of courses of food are used at Kelp? A: Four.

Q: The number of Kadoaties must you feed at the kadoatery to earn the character? A: 75.

Q: The amount of members does the Altador Cup Committee have? A: 3.

Q: In Meerca Chase II, just what is the Meerca collecting? A: Negg.

Q: In Turmac Roll, which of the adhering to berries deserves the most? A: Aquaberry.

Q: Which Neopian varieties is the Perfect Putter in Tyrannian Miniature golf a participant? A: Acara.

Q: This band had their Tyrannian Music hall best in the month of Event, Y8? A: Mellow Marauders.

Q: This band does at the Tyrannian Concert Hall on the 24th of monthly. A: The Hikalakas.

Q: This strange-looking fruit is very smelly and also isn't ripe up until it splits. A: Azzle.

Q: Just what flavour of yogurt does Grundos Coffee shop offer? A: Cherry.

Q: What is the translation of Gadgadsbogen? A: Excellent, great day.

Q: Which Altador Cup Team Captain deals with consistency and toughness? A: Mirsha Grelinek.

Q: Which faerie mistakenly launched Hasees into Secret Island? A: Casandia.

Q: Which game was among King Coltzan III's hobbies? A: Scarab 21.

Q: Which Neopian Species is the proprietor of the Collectable Coins store in the Art Centre a participant of? A: Skeith.

Q: Which Neopian fruit tastes like chocolate and also tomato? A: Chokato.

Q: Which of the following is an ingredient in the Sushi Hot Dog? A: Cucumber.

Q: Which of the adhering to is considered a Gross Food? A: Tuna Porridge.

Q: Which group won the Y8 Altador Mug tournament? A: Haunted Woods.

Q: Which was the very first Petpet that Peopatra ever discovered? A: Wadjet.

Q: That did Helmo Timm change as Left Ahead for the Kiko Lake Group in Y8? A: Holbie Pinnock.

Q: That found the Gruslen? A: Professor J. Kugar.

Q: Who was elected MVP of the Y8 Altador Mug competition? A: Krell Vitor.

Notable Neopians.

This category has to do with the people of Neopia: some renowned as well as some stated just in the Neopedia.

Q: The amount of arm or legs does Gnarfas, the Werelupe King's Minion, have? A: 6.

Q: Just how old is Judge Hog? A: 32.

Q: Just how old is Lilian Fairweather? A: 26.

Q: Which Neopian varieties is the maitre d' at Kelp a member? A: Scorchio.

Q: The Avabot, Neotrak, Wheelie, and Pinceron can be incorporated to produce which robotic Petpet? A: Ultra Huge Crawler 2000.

Q: This popular Neopian was born in 200 BN, slept for 200 years, and has actually only recently awakened. A: Count Von Roo.

Q: This well-known Neopian witch gives out Spooky Food for potion ingredients. A: Edna.

Q: What is Sophie's Fave Variety of Petpet? A: Meowclops.

Q: What is the name of Chuffer Bob the Meerca's Snorkle? A: Beefy.

Q: Just what is the name of Isca's sibling? A: Caylis.

Q: What is the name of the Poogle that judges the Verse Competition? A: Alstaf.

Q: Which Aisha is Referred to as the Limbo Queen? A: Kyishi.

Q: Which participant of the initial Evil spirit Catchers is a Wocky? A: Brave Bren.

Q: Which of the adhering to Petpets hails from Krawk Island? A: Quadrapus.

Q: Which of these faeries is showcased in Faerie Cloud Racers? A: Taelia.

Q: Which of these Petpet Species is NOT showcased in Extreme Herder? A: Harris.

Q: Which Petpet types has been known to consume tin cans as well as enchanting orbs? A: Naalala.

Q: That amended the Safe Alcohol consumption Water Act in Sakhmet? A: Legislator Barca.

Q: Who shed a limb in a fanatic Tombola mishap? A: Cap'n Threelegs.

Q: That is a normal at the Cheat! table, despite not being an excellent gamer? (Some say she's also thinking about her hair!). A: Capara.

Q: That is called Sakhmet's craftiest statesman? A: Advisor Wessle.

Q: Who ran the gang that Niten Hiroru battled in the tavern? A: Farvor.

Q: That was the dark faerie that recorded Baelia, the Grey Faerie? A: Jennumara.

Q: Whose bike was stolen by the Pant Evil one, according to the Protectors of Neopia? A: Ginny.

The Culprit.

If you do not would like to know what happens at the end of the game, quit checking out now! Otherwise, you might be shocked to find out that there was no abductor - the princess, with the help of her sis, organized her very own kidnapping! She was extremely lonely and also took her sibling's pointer to "play a game" by fleing.