• Jan 20, 2017
  • by Ava Amazonian Warrior Princess

This is one actually gross game. The untrustworthy Meuka has developed a truly sticky web of mucous to capture anybody that wanders via Haunted Woods. It's time to get unpleasant, as you help get rid of the course for pets and prevent them from getting caught! There's no leaving my web of mucous!

There's no escaping my internet of mucus!

Ways to Play

In Snot Splatter, the objective is to strategically get rid of all traces of mucous balls from the board using your computer mouse. As you progress, the degree layouts and blob placements will certainly come to be more difficult. You can examine the Degree Guide listed below to view the various degree formats and also tips.

When you begin the first level, you'll discover there are numerous various dimensions of blobs. Each blob size has a different number of turns (snot) needed to rupture, which is referenced in the tables below. When you click an additional large snot ball (which loads the entire square), it will certainly rupture, sending out snot splatter in all 4 instructions to hit the closest existing blobs. If the ball next to it is extra huge, then it will also pop and cause a domino effect with the ones surrounding it. Nevertheless, if you click a square without a blob in it, an added small ball will expand there. Developing blobs can be useful for factor and combination strategies.

The number inside television represents your available turns and the quantity of snot you have to use. The max quantity of turns you could have is 25 each time. Whenever you click a ball, your turns will decrease by one; for each ball you burst, they will certainly boost by one. Underneath the tube are all the readily available bonuses you can earn. Scoring Each snot blob deserves a factor. When you burst a chain of snot balls, each blob will increase one point, and also you will gather the points for each snot ball. For example: if you break a chain of 10 snot blobs, your score will certainly be calculated as: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 = 55 points. So, the much less you click the even more factors you will certainly make! Video game Components The very first table shows all the phases of snot blobs and also the amount of turns it will take to burst them. The second table shows the obstacles you will certainly experience for degree 4 as well as up. Blob Sequences Balls Variety of turns had to ruptured Extra small 5 Little 4 Tool 3 Huge 2 Extra Big 1 Clicking an empty floor tile will certainly produce an extra small snot ball Barriers Ceramic tile Effects Any type of angled tile will enable mucous to jump off at a 90 level angle. A whole tile will certainly remove any kind of mucous that splatters it. Bonus offers There are several incentives that you could achieve from playing the game. You earn bonuses based upon the number of blobs you burst in a single chain. You can just use one bonus each time. When offered to utilize, they will certainly be highlighted. Here's a list of all the benefits: Perks Box RemoverThis benefit is a 3 x 3 box that you can use to clear ghouls. You obtain this for producing a chain of 5-9 blobs. Column RemoverThe column remover works similar to the box above, other than it will eliminate an entire column.You get this for producing a chain of 10-19 blobs. Row RemoverThe bonus clears a whole row. You receive this for producing a chain of 10-19 balls. Removal DoublerThis reward allows you to obtain 2 clicks out of a single move. Any kind of balls hit by the explosion will certainly also enhance size two times! You obtain this for developing a chain of 40 blobs or more. Rating DoublerThis incentive will certainly double the points of a snot blob, consisting of every snot blob arrived the chain.You obtain this for developing a chain of 20-29 balls. TeleporterThis incentive uses up 2 ceramic tiles on your grid. It will certainly allow snot splatter to travel with one teleporter to another. This reward requires 2 look to work.You get this for producing a chain of 30-39 blobs.


Each snot ball deserves a point. When you rupture a chain of snot blobs, each blob will certainly enhance one point, and also you will collect the factors for each snot ball. For example: if you break a chain of 10 snot blobs, your score will certainly be determined as: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 = 55 factors. So, the less you click the even more points you will certainly earn!

Video game Elements

The very first table reveals all the phases of snot blobs and the amount of transforms it will certainly require to break them. The 2nd table reveals the barriers you will certainly encounter for level 4 and also up.


There are numerous rewards that you could attain from playing the video game. You make bonuses based on the number of balls you rupture in a solitary chain. You can only make use of one incentive each time. When readily available to use, they will be highlighted. Right here's a list of all the bonuses:

Thanks to Kata for specifying the thresholds on the rewards.


Click as many blobs as you can to the biggest size they could obtain (ideally in groups), then start your combination. Remember to conserve one transfer to actually start your combo. This will lead to a large chain reaction of surges! If your mix is big sufficient, your meter will refill back up to the 25 max restriction. If there are any snot blobs left over, review as well as repeat the same approach.

As you progress through the degrees, you can use angled barriers to help you develop methods as well as clear the board much faster. When snot splatter hits this obstacle, it will certainly bounce off at a 90 degree angle which will help you rupture extra snot blobs and also conserve your turns.

Save me!

When you are going for the High Rating Table, ball game doubler bonus will certainly assist you considerably raise your points. If you just have a few actions and also your combo is not large, then it is ideal not to lose it on a small point value. Attempt to configuration a big combination that will remove the whole board, after that use your score doubler benefit on your last move beginning the combination. The action doubler reward will certainly likewise help you get rid of the board much easier, since each snot splatter will deserve dual.


Do not hurry and also randomly increase the size of snot balls, meticulously assess the blob positionings so you could develop huge combos. Make use of a score doubler bonus with your last relocate to complete a huge combination. Every snot blob in the combination will be increased the points and boost your score. Save your action doubler bonuses for greater degrees (7 as well as up) that have a great deal of additional small snot blobs. Every snot splatter will certainly count as two and also assist you create large combos. When you put both Teleporter bonuses next to a ball that is ready to take off on various courses, it will produce a far better combo. Producing new snot balls can sometimes assist complete big combos or boost your rating. Don't create snot blobs in tiles that have an angled barrier. You won't have the ability to remove it unless you utilize an incentive, which would be a waste.

Don't hurry and also randomly increase the size of snot blobs, meticulously assess the ball placements so you could create big combos.

Utilize a rating doubler benefit with your last relocate to finish a huge combo. Every snot blob in the combo will certainly be doubled the points as well as boost your rating.

Save your step doubler rewards for higher degrees (7 and up) that have a lot of added small snot balls. Every snot splatter will certainly count as two as well as help you produce large combinations.

When you put both Teleporter benefits beside a ball that is ready to blow up on various courses, it will create a better combo.

Producing brand-new snot balls could sometimes help complete large combinations or enhance your rating.

Don't create snot balls in floor tiles that have a diagonal barrier. You will not have the ability to clear it unless you utilize a perk, which would certainly be a waste.

Level Solutions

There are 20 degrees completely. Click the fall food selection or arrowheads to head to a particular level.

Note: The snot blobs are arbitrarily placed in every video game. The level instances shown in this table will certainly not have the precise very same snot ball placements as your video game, but it will certainly be comparable.