• Jan 19, 2017
  • by Ava Amazonian Warrior Princess


Close your eyes. Envision yourself as the Snow Beast. You have actually just huddled in your preferred cave for a good, lengthy snooze. Equally as you start to drop off to sleep, you're snagged awake by the yells of romping Horror Mountain citizens. Just what do you do? Toss avalanches of snowballs at them, certainly!

Fundamental Play

This video game is like Turmac Roll: you're rolling and also leaping, aiming to collect numerous items. The only difference is that you're rolling in the opposite direction, down a hillside, as well as expanding completely. Sounds a little frustrating, huh? It is the first pair times, but it's fairly simple once you get the hang of it.

You merely make use of the arrowhead secrets to return as well as forth across the display to get items and the space bar to jump over barriers. The only thing to bear in mind is that it takes a little time to removal laterally because you're rolling so quick, so don't aim to obtain every item initially.

You'll need to strike the spacebar concerning this far to make it over the barriers.

The items you want to hit are the ones with red arrowheads over them. Anything else will certainly create you to lose an item and decrease size if you hit it. If you hit a lot of points, you'll come to be too small to proceed rolling, as well as the game will certainly more than.

There are three stages, each with numerous levels. If you pass one level, you'll be able to select which course you wish to take. Just press the arrow key that corresponds to the one you want. It does not matter which one you pick since the outcome is totally arbitrary.


The following are the barriers from stage one (excluding the fire revealed above, which is likewise a challenge). There is additionally a residence, shown at the end of the guide. The obstacles alter a little when you move to present two, however they are usually simply icy variations of the initial ones.



The following are some of the products that you can gather during the game. Several of them have several shade variations, including (however not restricted to) the poogle racer, chia, brucicle, negg, slushie and also chia pops.

Two of the slushies have special powers. The black slushie boosts your grip, which quickens your snowball and also makes it harder to dodge challenges. The white slushie transforms your snowball into a great void, which draws in all of the things that offer you directs so you can focus only on preventing obstacles for a brief period of time.


Things are worth the exact same quantity of points no matter which degree of the game you're on, so here's a table listing the point worths of all the products you could grab:

Product Factor Values Thing Points Brucicles 10 Points Chia Pops 10 Points Secret Island Goings 10 Points Neggs 10 Points Average Slushies 10 Factors Abominable Snowballs 20 Factors Taelia Plushies 20 Factors Unique Slushies 30 Points Cybunnies 40 Points Mika and also Carassa 40 Points Poogle Racers 40 Factors


When sending your rating you may additionally be randomly granted one of these rewards, unique to Snow Roller.

Do not run over your storagehouse or you'll start losing things!


Send out a rating of 6,500+ factors in Snow Roller.