• Jan 20, 2017
  • by Ava Amazonian Warrior Princess

A hermit living in a rickety old shack out in the middle of the overload, Sophie the Swamp Witch likes absolutely nothing much better than casting spells, looking after her Meowclops, as well as brewing substantial cauldrons of wonderful stew. However, checking out dishes and also picking stew active ingredients needs emphasis, as well as the cauldron is all the way on the other side of the shack. As luck would have it, nevertheless, the Swamp Witch has just the appropriate magical item to assist make her stew complete ...

The best ways to Play

The gameplay in Sophie's Stew is rather simple: standing at the left side of the display, Sophie will certainly throw things over her shoulder, which you should guide to the cauldron at the right side of the display utilizing her magic stick. While you have the option to use the arrowhead tricks to move the wand, it's very suggested that you use your computer mouse rather, as it's both much faster and a lot more intuitive. Prevent using the best computer mouse button, nonetheless, as this will right away create the game to end. The items Sophie tosses will certainly jump on contact with the wand, some greater than others (see thing table below). The component of the stick the item touches will certainly figure out which direction it jumps: left, right, or straight up.

Sophie's quite keen on the color eco-friendly ...

While the goal of the game is to obtain ingredients into the cauldron, Sophie does not mind you feeding her animal Meowclops, so it can work as something of a safeguard if you should go down a product near it. Take care not to waste the active ingredients by dropping them on the flooring, nonetheless, or you'll shed a life (suggested by the stick icons at the top of the screen). If you go down too many things, it will certainly be Video game Over.

Periodically, a Droolik will fly above, and will (rather rarely) decrease power-ups. You can, however, require it to go down a power-up by hitting it with a well-timed stew component; products with a high bounce are particularly good at this. Power-ups can be gathered by touching them with the stick.

In addition to the Extra Life power-up, you could additionally get a life once per video game by keying the code hungrymeowclops at any time during gameplay. The most convenient way to do this is to type it in pieces; type hungry, meow, and also clop whenever you obtain an opportunity while playing, and once you have actually lost a life press the s vital to gain a brand-new one. While the Bonus Life power-up will certainly include an added room to your life bar when you have the maximum variety of lives (i.e. providing you a total of 6 lives while you begin with 5), this code will certainly not, and you will squander it if you use the code with a full life bar.

I'm below to assist! Entirely selflessly!


While the Meowclops will happily consume (nearly) anything it catches, you will typically get less factors compared to you would if you had obtained the thing to the cauldron. When the Meowclops consumes a thing, it will certainly frequently be overcome by an uncommon result; these just affect gameplay because the effect protects against the Meowclops from catching food for a few secs.

Below is a table describing just how much each product bounces on contact with the wand, as well as the amount of points you will certainly receive if it lands in the cauldron or the Meowclops consumes it.


As the game advances, Sophie will certainly begin to throw items more quickly, eventually compeling you to juggle two or three at once with the wand. In these conditions, you must allow the Meowclops consume as numerous things as you can, so you will not need to worry about getting them all to the opposite side of the display.

Quick Secrets

Have fun with the mouse rather than the arrow secrets. Strike the flying Droolik with a thing to get a power-up. Kind the code hungrymeowclops when your life bar isn't complete for an extra life. You obtain no points for feeding the Meowclops dung or Codestones, but you will not lose a life. If there are too many things on-screen, do not hesitate to let the Meowclops eat a couple of. Attempt to feed it Creepy Doughnuts; they deserve just 1 factor much less, without additional impact.

Have fun with the computer mouse as opposed to the arrowhead tricks.

Hit the flying Droolik with a product to get a power-up.

Type the code hungrymeowclops when your life bar isn't full for an extra life.

You obtain no points for feeding the Meowclops dung or Codestones, however you will not shed a life.

If there are too many products on-screen, don't hesitate to allow the Meowclops consume a couple of.

Aim to feed it Spooky Doughnuts; they're worth just 1 factor much less, without added result.

Fresh stew! Take place, have a bite! You gained it!