• Jan 19, 2017
  • by Ava Amazonian Warrior Princess

Because he likes her a lot, Jazan has actually had 100 (yes, one hundred) golden statuaries of Nabile made for her future birthday, as well as he has actually stashed them in the Qasalan Royal Treasury for the time being. As well as obviously, where there's information of important points stashed somewhere apparently risk-free and also secret, Heermeedjet as well as Meerouladen make sure to be hiding close by.

In this game, you regulate the well known Meerca Brothers as you move the dog crates as well as other objects around in the treasury in order to bring down the goods. However, they're not the just one skulking about in the darkness, and also of course, the Nabile statuaries aren't the only treasures up for grabs. Did I state that you do not have much time?


The goal is to make all the statuaries fall right to the bottom, each worth 25 factors - easier stated than done.

You can move Heermeedjet as well as Meerouladen in a couple of means. First off, you could computer mouse over the one you intend to regulate and also click to move the rows of dog crates. Or, you could make use of the left and best keys for changing between the brothers, backwards and forwards for moving them, and the area bar lets the chosen Meerca (who is highlighted in white) push the pet crates to ensure that the Nabile statues can fall. Nonetheless, there is a catch - you could just removal rows with statuaries, and your Meerca shines gold rather when you are at a row you can poke. You are also under time pressure, so you'll need to work quickly to assert all the loot - fine, not all the loot exactly, but a minimum of every last sculpture in the level. As you advance, the variety of sculptures to accumulate boosts, while your time frame decreases.

Each level has a lot of items besides Jazan's little presents ... some of which could aid or hurt you.


Items in the Video game Photo Summary Your usual, run-of-the-mill, typical common typical cage. You'll see a lot of these, however unfortunately, you can't just collapse through them ... or can you? Kick, punch, stomp, whack and scream at them all you desire, these rocks aren't moving unless you use a lever, in which case they simply move around. Statuaries can activate these bars, and when it happens, rows and also columns arbitrarily start shifting about - whether you like it or otherwise. The key phrase right here is " arbitrary". Some Lyins could appear from crates, and when they do, they'll eat any type of statue that drops in on them, and you lose 10 factors. Don't fret - you obtain those statues back, but they'll be on the top row again. The Lyins can stir in empty areas and even damage their way via wooden pet crates, so beware. This Geb will certainly collapse down via anything in its path (except for the stones) if a statue falls on it. Great if you intend to break a course through a mass o' boxes and also speed up things up a bit. Cannot have as well much loot, no? Each of these coins deserve 10 points, so you may wish to pick them up in the process. Do not worry - the Lyins will not consume them, and also the Gebs do not shatter them. Each of these elegances deserves 50 factors. See if you can nab 'em all. This hourglass offers you an additional 10 seconds on the clock. Not just is that great for wrapping points up in time, but you get a time incentive after each level depending upon the amount of secs are left on the clock. Accumulate all of these to end up the degree! Um, I think I do not have to tell you that.

Tricks and also Methods

Unless you're gunning for a high score, make the most out of at all times you're given in the earlier levels to boost your score by snagging some treasures and coins, because in the future, when you're scrambling to shift more than a dozen sculptures in half a min, those extra little bits as well as pieces will certainly be the last point on your mind.

Particularly when you have greater than ten statuaries to steal, attempt relocating them around such that they're well-distributed among the rows; besides, they're your keys to pressing claimed rows. If you unintentionally trip a lever (or perhaps if you do not), you as well as your treasure may wind up caught by cages and stones - as well as your only hope is waiting for either bars to show up or Lyins to shatter the obstacles. The latter, naturally, is a large risk to take. If a Lyins inhabits the only space in a full row, I think you're better off starting over.

Mentioning navigation, use any Geb you find to your advantage. If you can, go down a sculpture onto it, as well as see if you can use it greater than once to collapse your method to triumph!

You might observe the head of Ollie the Phantom Orange Tee shirt Individual popping up in some cases. If you drop a statue into him, all Lyins in the level will go away!

Try not to utilize bars unless 1) you're "entraped" behind the eight ball and it's the only means to transform points about, with any luck for the better or 2) you definitely cannot collaborate with your existing layout (a lot of Lyins in a critical area?). Remember that you cannot forecast exactly what will certainly take place next after you activate a bar.

Type caperiffic throughout gameplay for a 20-second time benefit, which you might do once each video game.

Keep exercising! You will not be confronted with the specific same maze in every game, so it's about learning how you can function rapidly however very carefully - and obviously, having fun! If you're awkward with your existing controls, you could additionally experiment as well as see whether you do much better with the mouse or the keyboard (personally, I go with the computer mouse, so I do not have to enjoy exactly what tricks I'm pressing). The Great Qasalan Caper is an enjoyable video game to play, and you just cannot withstand that sense of achievement as you pass each degree with a huge fat haul of gold. Best of good luck - and also if you outstanding viewers around have other tricks to share, do not hesitate to contact me - Kat, your thief-in-training, authorizing off and also setting her views on a larger pursuit ... the mission for creating motivation, that is.