• Nov 05, 2018
  • by JD DSoK Owner

The Money Tree is a magical tree that harbors all donations from Neopians all across the site. Here it is where the more fortunate come to give to the less fortunate so that they can feed their pets, or buy their pets toys. With donations ranging from toys, foods, Neopoints, and even the occasional Paint Brush; the Money Tree is a stop everybody should visit on occasion! 


When you're searching for items to collect the money tree, you are allowed to collect ten total items collectively from the Money Tree and Second Hand Shoppe. These items can be of any value. It does not matter if the items are the common daily prizes from underwater fishing, or the paint brushes given away from the Fruit Machine. You are allowed only ten items per day. This rule is also applied for the Neopoints that are donated. Each time you collect Neopoints it counts as one item, regardless of the amount. 
If you're looking to make some Neopoints from the Money Tree, remember to be patient. It will take a while for an expensive item to come along, but if you're looking for the free codestones you won't be waiting too long! The Money Tree can also be used to collect free NC items! 

If you are looking to donate to the Money Tree you have the option of donating Neopoints, Neopoint items, or Neocash items. 
At the Money Tree page, if you would like to donate Neopoints you will scroll down the page to the option to donate Neopoints and select an amount of 5,000 or less. There is no limit to how many times you can donate, so feel free to give as much as you'd like! 

If you are looking to donate Neopoint items, you can do so from your inventory page. If you click an item and scroll down to the option to "donate item" you will send the item directly to the money tree. You can also do this in bulk from the quickstock page to donate many items at once. 
As an additional note, your donations won't show up immediately. There is a backlog of items being donated, and once you the queue of items in front of yours are collected your items will be shown for others to collect! 

If you would like to donate Neocash items you need to purchase the "Upcycle Cookie" from the NC Mall. After you purchase the cookie you can activate it in your inventory. Afterwards you will return to the Money Tree page where you will be prompted with a drop down menu of Neocash items you can donate. 

There are many times where characters across Neopia may donate something. The Ghosts will occasionally donate Neopoints that are reportedly stolen from users! Another instance is when Balthazar may donate Bottled Faeries to the Money Tree! There are many instances, it's just a matter of catching them and grabbing the goodies in time!