• Jan 19, 2017
  • by Ava Amazonian Warrior Princess

While traveling across the surface area of Kreludor, Resistance agent Gorix comes across a huge vault, sealed with an awesome code-based securing system. There's no telling exactly what might lie beyond the substantial rock door, yet like any type of great spy, Gorix needs to know. Will his wit see him with?

Can't I just blast it open.?

The best ways to Play

In Time Tunnel, your goal is to find the remedies to twelve randomly-generated codes, each of which is comprised of four colored rocks. While codes will just contain combinations of white, black, blue and also red at first, as the video game progresses more colors will certainly be added: orange in the 6th code, as well as purple in the tenth. To send your guess, merely click on the four round stones in the center of the code dial to select the shades you desire, after that push the big yellow Unlock switch to the right.

If the assumption you send is wrong, it will be returned to the external edge of the dial with 4 circles beside it. These circles represent the rocks, with the colors suggesting whether a rock remains in the correct placement or not: eco-friendly circles reveal that a stone is both the right color as well as in the appropriate placement, orange circles show that a rock is the right color however in the wrong placement, and white circles reveal that a rock is neither the correct color neither in the appropriate setting. You have twelve tries out each code in the video game; if you're incapable to resolve it, the video game will end with Gorix being not able to open up the vault.

This is intended to keep me out? HA!

As seen in the screenshot above, the very first guess was all white stones, yet the right code had no white. The same was true with all black, yet when attempting all blue a green circle showed up, revealing that the code included a solitary blue stone. However, the order the circles are in has no bearing on the proper placements of the rocks, so there's no chance of understanding which of the four blue rocks is right.

Knowing that there is blue within the code, among the rocks was maintained blue, while the remainder were made red; the resulting orange and also white circles reveal that the code contains no red, and that heaven is currently in the incorrect location. Heaven rock is then moved to the second port, and the rest completed with orange; the result is a single green circle as well as three white ones. This shows that the blue stone is now in the proper location, which there are no orange rocks in the code. As the only color of rock left is purple, the mix received the facility of the dial is the only feasible option to the code.


Each code you're provided starts with a time bonus of 120 points, which reduces at a rate of one factor per 2nd, properly offering you 2 mins to fix the code. While you will not obtain a video game over from the time going out, you will just obtain 25 factors for resolving the code. In addition to this, you will certainly also receive 200 points after triumphing, for an optimum possible rating of 1,940. For a rating high sufficient to get a gold trophy (normally over 1,800), you will certainly have to fix every code in one or two tries, which requires considerable luck (and also quite a bit of time invested rebooting the game).


The code received the Ways to Play section is fairly basic, as well as was consisted of to demonstrate the fundamental logic behind the game. This section will cover a much more complicated code step-by-step, clarifying how to promptly find the remedy. It's usually best to begin by submitting four white rocks, as it maintains your timer from dropping, as well as lets you recognize how many (if any) white stones are in the code.

It resembles the code consists of a single white rock (note the environment-friendly circle), so next we ought to include 3 black ones, to examine if there are any in the code as well as to figure out where the white rock belongs.

No blacks, as well as we appear to have displaced the white one. Let's try the white in an additional area, as well as see whether there are any blues.

One stone is in the proper location, and also an additional is not. As 3 of the spaces are occupied by blue rocks, the one that runs out location should be the white; let's relocate the white again, as well as change two of cries. There's no chance to know which blue is the appropriate one at this moment, so we're just mosting likely to change the two on the ends.

Ah, now this is telling. With three stones out of place, the blue's current placement can not possible be the right one, as the white stone existed last time. Since we understand that neither the blue neither white goes there, that suggests we need to removal one of the reds. There are three stones misplaced, nonetheless, and also the reds can not change location with each other; this indicates that the rock currently in the right area needs to be red. As the white has to be moved and also we've already tried putting it in the three other spots, the only place it can go is on the much right, meaning that the red must be transferred to the blue's spot, and the blue to the white's.

Aha, so that's exactly how it's done ...

While some hunches may create complicated outcomes, simply remember exactly what you've learnt more about the code thus far and use it to the existing circumstance. If you want a high rating, nonetheless, you should not spend as well lengthy thinking about your next relocation.

Quick Tricks

Bear in mind where you've validated particular colors do not go. Focus on fixing the codes, instead of on the moment remaining. Introduce new shades while verifying the positions of existing ones to save time. If disappointed, forget your rating and also take time locating the option.

Bear in mind where you have actually confirmed particular colors do not go.

Focus on solving the codes, as opposed to on the time staying.

Present new colors while confirming the placements of existing ones to conserve time.

If irritated, forget your rating and take some time finding the solution.

So, besides that, what exists hidden in this high-security chamber miles above the surface of Neopia? Well, you'll just have to open it yourself to see ...

Aw, Grundo Stix ... Guess I 'd better reach work.