• Jan 20, 2017
  • by Ava Amazonian Warrior Princess


In this karate-chopping suit versus time, you play as Katsuo, a young Kougra that has been learning martial arts to get into the Imperial Guard. You'll be confronted with 12 blocks to chop in order to confirm your proficiency of fighting styles.

Standard Play

Top Chop's controls are exceptionally standard - you push the spacebar once each degree, when the line on the meter remains in the green zone, as near the facility of it as possible. This will trigger Katsuo to damage the block with his bare paw! Appears oh so straightforward, doesn't it? Regretfully, it's not quite that easy. You'll be confronted with a number of obstacles along your method:

you have just 30 secs to break each block; the meter accelerate with each degree; you cannot break the block when the small random bug - the moffit - appears.

you have just 30 seconds to damage each block; the meter speeds up with each level; you can't break the block when the small random pest - the moffit - appears.

you have only 30 secs to damage each block;

the meter quicken with each level;

you can not break the block when the tiny random pest - the moffit - appears.

There are 2 primary approaches here: either purpose quick or wait up until the bug leaps away. You can utilize this time while the moffit is blocking you to obtain your bearings on the timing of the meter and align the ideal break. Factors are granted based upon your speed as well as precision.

Do not strike the moffit. * nod *.


After you finish a degree, that degree is opened as a beginning point option on the begin game screen (though obviously you obtain more factors by beginning at the beginning and working your way up). Each level brings a slight modification in the way the video game is played:.


This is the first location as well as contains 3 sublevels (3 blocks to break). The meter moves at a continuous rate, the blossoms drifting in front of the meter step gradually and just minimally obstruct the sight, as well as the moffit only turns up after a number of secs.

Imperial Grand Dojo.

In this level, the meter begins and also quits as it goes up and down, the blossoms get in the way much more, and the moffit pops up regularly. This location contains four sublevels and also would certainly be the "medium" problem level.

Emperor's Grand Hall.

This area is the "difficult" difficulty. The meter operates in a far more difficult fashion, as well as there is an Acara guard standing close to it that covers it completely with his flag every now and then. Although the moffit does not trouble you on this level, the meter, of course, removals actually rapidly by this time. The one wonderful point is that there are no flowers floating around to sidetrack you ... simply the big flag.

Below's the meter from this place because it'll be less complicated to explain with an image:.

* sputtering * If you wave that flag one more time ...

See that trusty eco-friendly region you've been so reliably hitting? It relocates currently. The line that marks your cut currently moves rapidly, begins as well as stops a growing number of frequently, and alters rate. Luckily the environment-friendly area doesn't do that, it just goes up, pauses, relocates down, stops briefly, and so on. But it takes a great deal more concentration to align the moving line with the moving eco-friendly region and to hope the flag does not end up before it when their paths go across. Sheva suggests that you attempt to strike the green when it's at either the top or base of the meter to make sure that you have additional time to strike because you could jump off the side of meter.

Perk Degree.

If you are extremely fortunate as well as very knowledgeable, you'll be asked to show your cutting skill for the Emperor himself! This degree is primarily a souped up level 3-- the Acara guard and removaling meter are still there, however you have actually the included trouble of making certain the emperor is seeing you (has his eyes open toward you) when you strike the board. Plus, your kougra remains in a spiffy brand-new black robe, however that's simply an incentive.

The demands for reaching this level are as adheres to: you have to have a best hit (in the white zone) on levels 3-3, 3-4, as well as 3-5. Pretty high assumptions, yet a ninja like you depends on the job, yes?

A significant many thanks to Mr. Grog for this screenie!


The conserving grace of games throughout Neopia! If you make a perfect chop (the line hits the white facility line of the green region on the meter) 3 times within your game, you'll get a powerup. After gaining a powerup, you can trigger it by clicking the corresponding symbol. The powerup just lasts for one degree, so utilize it carefully. Below are the powerups readily available:.

Leading Chop Powerups. Picture. Feature. This powerup is basically an extra life powerup. You get an uncommon opportunity to attempt a 2nd time to break the block. This set is soooo very useful. This powerup boosts the size of the environment-friendly region on the meter so it's less complicated to cut the block. Most handy in the Emperor's Grand Hall when the eco-friendly area is impossibly small and also removaling. This powerup slows down the sliding line so that you could time the chop even more quickly. With this you do not need to prepare to strike room before the line strikes the environment-friendly zone; you generally have time to react to in fact seeing the line hit the edge of the green. This is nice for the stopping-and-starting degrees.

Reward Wearables.

Top Chop previously provided a number of exclusive martial arts gi wearables, which could be seen right here. While the white gi and three of the belts are rather usual also today, the black gi and also belt appear to have actually never been broken down.

You'll never find me! NEVER!

Which's about it. In my experience, as soon as you understand the way the game works, it's only a matter of practicing over as well as over again to obtain the timing. It's a video game of how-long-can-you-last-before-you-make-a-mistake, so technique is every little thing. Hope this assisted, as well as pleased slicing!