• Jan 19, 2017
  • by Ava Amazonian Warrior Princess


The bad Dr. Sloth's most current batch of minions just weren't terrible sufficient for his taste, so he tossed them in a toybox they can never ever leave! In this video game, your task is to regulate the programming of the robotic Neopets Sloth produced to assist them get away to safety. Utilize each Neopet's unique ability to assist the team run away the midsts of Sloth's toybox!

A, uh, slight mistake ... Hmm, I'll simply throw these cruelty-lacking designs in my toybox.

Basic Gameplay

In each degree, you are presented with a space of kinds that you must browse your way out of making use of the Neopets trapped in that level. Each Neopet has a various special capability. To utilize a Neopet's unique ability, click its photo below the screen. There are additionally challenges, such as spikes or lava, that you should browse about. There is also a reward coin on each degree that offers you factors for obtaining it. And, certainly, there's the leave door. The ultimate objective of each level is to obtain every Neopet with that door. If any one Neopet cannot complete this job, you'll have to begin the degree over. You only have three continues, so utilize them wisely. Finally, you get a degree code whenever you finish five levels that you can enter upon the beginning page at any moment. In this manner you can deal with perfecting Level 15 without starting over at Degree 1 each time.

Neopet Abilities

Mynci Climb-- a Mynci can climb up a vertical wall to reach high-up benefit coins. Scorchio Burn-- a Scorchio can take a breath fire at certain walls (generally red or orange) to free the Neopets from a blocked off section of the level. Kougra Dig-- a Kougra can dig via specific components of the floor (additionally normally red or orange) beneath it to reach reduced portions of the level. Shoyru Jump-- a Shoyru could securely cross chasms within the degree to accessibility areas unreachable by other types. Kacheek Press-- a Kacheek can press specific blocks away to maximize space in the level. Uni Ramp-- a Uni could develop into a ramp to permit other Neopets accessibility to higher areas

Mynci Climb-- a Mynci can climb a vertical wall to get to high-up reward coins.

Scorchio Burn-- a Scorchio can breathe fire at specific walls (generally red or orange) to free the Neopets from an enclosed area of the degree.

Kougra Dig-- a Kougra can dig with certain parts of the floor (additionally typically red or orange) below it to get to reduced portions of the level.

Shoyru Jump-- a Shoyru can safely go across gorges within the degree to gain access to locations unreachable by various other species.

Kacheek Press-- a Kacheek can push certain blocks away to liberate room in the level.

Uni Ramp-- a Uni could transformed into a ramp to permit various other Neopets access to greater locations

That coin is MINE!

Level Guide

For every level, there is a specific series of steps you need to make in order to get the coin and exit in the fastest feasible quantity of time. This section includes directions (plus screenies) for all levels we at JN HQ have actually managed to find out the necessary actions for, in addition to the best times we have actually handled for all you high rating table hunters.

Level Codes

Every single time you full 5 levels, you are provided a code to skip to the following level from the beginning page in the future. If you're opting for maximum points, don't begin previous level one, however if you simply can't master a later level, these codes can be extremely convenient for keeping you sane in your endeavours to practice. The codes are 8 characters of uppercase and also numbers, and you'll be provided every one upon effective conclusion of the previous degree (i.e., you'll be given the one for degree 6 when you finish level 5 and also are proceeding to degree 6.) See to it you write them down someplace so you can utilize them later on.

Well, that's about it ... hope it helped! All the best with your escape objective, and also get playing!