• Nov 05, 2018
  • by JD DSoK Owner

The Battledome has been one of the longest standing staples of Neopets. From getting a trophy for beating a 5,000 HP Punching Bag, to Lord Darigan in the Battle for Meridell. The Battledome has been a testament to Neopian history and has seen the strongest warriors fight for their glory! The question remains though - How did these pets get so strong? 

The Mystery Island Training School is one of the original ways to train your Neopets. Using Codestones that you find around the site or buy off the shop wizard will train your Neopet in 2 - 24 hours, depending on their level. As your level increases, the amount of codestones you will need, and the time for each course will increase. 

The same concepts are applied at the Swashbuckling Academy. While the academy is cheaper, the courses are longer and only reach up to level 40.
The duration of these quests can all be decreased by a random percentile using the Training Cookies from the NC Mall!

Another method for training is by the use of Faerie Quests.
Faerie Quests are given out through random events throughout the site and are not the quests you can receive from Illusen, Jhudora, or Taelia (The Snow Faerie). You will receive these quests from the Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Light, Dark, Grey, and Space Faerie. You can also receive a quest from the elusive Fountain Faerie, but she will not award Battledome stats. Each faerie has their own specific rewards.

  • Fire Faerie - Strength
  • Water Faerie - Defense
  • Air Faerie - Speed
  • Earth Faerie - Strength, Speed, or Defense
  • Light Faerie - Level
  • Dark Faerie - Hit Points
  • Grey Faerie - Random award from all other Faeries
  • Space Faerie - Four levels

You can also receive daily Faerie Quests by using the Faerie Quest Cookie from the NC Mall!

Another preferred method is by using stat increasers. These items are typically expensive, single use items. Some of them are restockable items such as Bubbling Fungus, while others are made through various other items such as the Armoured Negg and Snegg. There are many items that are also given away through events such as the Altador Strength Potion, and Potion of Dexterity. 
Some of the more popular stat increasers are listed below.


 Image Name Stats
Altador Strength Potion +5 Strength
Armoured Negg +1 Defense
Bubbling Fungus +/- random Strength amount from -5 to +5
Cool Negg +1-2 Level, +1-3 HP, +1-3 Movement, +1-3 Strength
Faerie Queen Negg +1 HP
Silver Knight Negg +1-2 HP
Snegg +2-3 HP, +2-3 Movement


These items are all single use and will rack up quite an expensive fee. These items are only recommended for people with stronger pets that may spend more on Codestones or want to train quickly.

Other notable mentions that can grant stat increases include: 

  • Kitchen Quests - Random stat to random pet
  • Scratchcards - +1 Level to random pet (Winter and Spooky only)
  • Random events - Random stat changes to random pets
  • Lab Ray - Random chance to change a random stat a random amount. 

Have fun training your pets! The Battledome awaits!