Items on Sale!

Items on Sale!

Amazing Neopets Deals!

Any and all products that are marked down on sale can be found here. This collection includes limited quantity stock and unique rare items. You can also find UC's, loaded accounts and much more in this collection. 

We are forever adding and removing from this collection, be sure to check back frequently!

Brynns Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting (Instant)
$2.49 USD $3.99 USD
Oblivion was no match for this mighty sword! Also handy for keeping charming rogues in line.
Candychan (Instant)
$16.99 USD $27.99 USD
Candychans are always amazed by everything that goes on around them and often get lost when they wander too far from their owners.
Crisp Blue Tunic (Instant)
$7.99 USD $19.99 USD
If your Neopets is intelligent this cloak can actually steal health from your opponent.
Faerie Slingshot (Instant)
$99.99 USD $199.99 USD
This powerful artifact was created from two other slightly-less powerful artifacts!
Fire, Fire, Your Pants On Fire Paint Brush (Instant)
$1.99 USD
Sizzling hot! Go to the Rainbow Pool (via the shops menu) to use this brush.
Ghost Paint Brush (Instant)
$1.49 USD
This spooky looking paintbrush will give your Neopet a scary new look.
Good Shell Account
$3.49 USD $4.99 USD
A shell account with some notable exterior value. This can include some avatars, painted pets, or a few trophies. These make great start ups for new side accounts!
Hanso Charisma Charm (Instant)
$2.49 USD $2.99 USD
The most charisma you can legally cram into one object.
Mortog (Instant)
$2.15 USD $2.99 USD
Just dont kiss your Mortog, you never know what may happen.
Rainblug (Instant)
$2.99 USD $3.99 USD
This bug will munch on just about anything it can find.

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