Items on Sale!

Items on Sale!

Amazing Neopets Deals!

Any and all products that are marked down on sale can be found here. This collection includes limited quantity stock and unique rare items. You can also find UC's, loaded accounts and much more in this collection. 

We are forever adding and removing from this collection, be sure to check back frequently!

Cooty (Instant)
$2.49 USD $2.99 USD
Its not such a cutie when your Petpet starts getting a rash all over its body!
Faerie Slingshot (Instant)
$99.99 USD $199.99 USD
This powerful artifact was created from two other slightly-less powerful artifacts!
Floral Maractite Coin (Instant)
$13.31 USD $17.99 USD
Some coin experts think that these coins were only reserved for use by Royal Neopets.
FS - Altador Cup IX Commemorative Stamp (Instant)
$3.15 USD $3.99 USD
Commemorate the IX Altador Cup with this collectable stamp!
FS - Babith (Instant)
$5.31 USD $6.99 USD
Babith are shy, playful creatures that like to play tricks on your Neopet. If you catch them in the act dont be surprised when they hide under the bed!!
FS - Illusens Silver Shield (Instant)
$4.12 USD $5.49 USD
A solid silver shield that is magically as light as a leaf!
FS - Jelly Negg (Instant)
$15.19 USD $19.99 USD
Jelly Negg? How strange, I didnt think this existed...
FS - Kiko Morphing Potion: Random (Instant)
$1.43 USD $1.99 USD
A random colored Kiko Morphing Potion preloaded onto a shell to morph your pet with!
FS - Quilin (Instant)
$4.24 USD $4.99 USD
The Quilin is thought to be the most prized Petpet in Shenkuu and is thought to have many magical powers.
Unchecked Grab Bag Account (Instant)
$13.49 USD $14.99 USD
Looking for a gamble better than Nerkmids? How about an entire account with riches ready to be found? Those Nerkmids can give you a bunch of junk with the possibility of a Paint Brush that might be just as junky as the gross food! Our gamble accounts provide a true gamble that gives you an entirely UNCHECKED account that can have millions of NP's, TONS of Unbuyable items, and many other untold treasures. The accounts can come with their own exterior stats with trophies, avatars, painted pets, customised pets, Battledome pets and more! The interior will house the secret Neopoints, items, and even Neocash items. ;)   No waiting, instant gratification gambling. Good luck! 
Woodland Paint Brush (Instant)
$3.49 USD $3.99 USD
Neopets painted with this Paint Brush may be mistaken for a shrubbery!

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