Flash Sales

Flash Sales
FS - Quilin (Instant)
$4.24 USD $4.99 USD
The Quilin is thought to be the most prized Petpet in Shenkuu and is thought to have many magical powers.
FS - Jelly Negg (Instant)
$15.19 USD $19.99 USD
Jelly Negg? How strange, I didnt think this existed...
FS - Illusens Silver Shield (Instant)
$4.12 USD $5.49 USD
A solid silver shield that is magically as light as a leaf!
FS - Altador Cup IX Commemorative Stamp (Instant)
$3.15 USD $3.99 USD
Commemorate the IX Altador Cup with this collectable stamp!
FS - Kiko Morphing Potion: Random (Instant)
$1.43 USD $1.99 USD
A random colored Kiko Morphing Potion preloaded onto a shell to morph your pet with!
FS - Babith (Instant)
$5.31 USD $6.99 USD
Babith are shy, playful creatures that like to play tricks on your Neopet. If you catch them in the act dont be surprised when they hide under the bed!!

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