Flash Sales

Flash Sales
FS - Kau Transmogrification Potion (Instant)
$2.55 USD $3.49 USD
This disgusting concoction is probably not safe for your Neopet to drink!
FS - Orange Paint Brush (Instant)
$2.42 USD $2.99 USD
Take this magical paint brush to the Rainbow Pool and you can transform your pet into an outstanding orange colour.
FS - Candy Vampire (Instant)
$0.94 USD $1.29 USD
There is always one in every bag...
FS - Eventide Petpet Paint Brush (Instant)
$2.04 USD $2.49 USD
This petpet paint brush will turn your petpet Eventide!
FS - Ski Lodge Mutant Kacheek Plushie (Instant)
$113.09 USD $144.99 USD
This special edition prize was given to you for guessing the correct murderer in the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery!
FS - Silver Paint Brush (Instant)
$1.45 USD $1.79 USD
With this mystical paint brush, you can give your pet a shiny silver coat at the Rainbow Pool.

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