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Item Packages

ETS, HTS, Collectibles, and more!

Got a 'nack for reselling? How about that epic gallery?

Don't fret BNC has got you covered! 

Item packages are accounts that have been found with an assortment of items inside. These accounts are most likely not well-statted. However may have BD pets, some trophies, and some avatars.

Items found can include ETS & HTS and are typically priced from $0.50-$1.50 per million.


By Type

30Mil+ In R101 Items! {ID}
$49.99 USD
  Magic Tiki Mask: 4,000,000Spyder Potion: 8,000,000Green Knight Shield: 20,000,000 Total: 32,000,000 All items come preloaded on the same account. 
50Mil+ R101's & Books! {ID}
$84.99 USD
  Random Secret Laboratory MapGold Kyrii Hair Pomade x2: 1,000,000 eachGold Gelert Yoyo x5: 150,000 eachGold Blumaroo Powder Puff: 700,000Gold Blumaroo Ice Cream Pie: 1,500,000Gold Blumaroo Bouncy Ball: 600,000Fyora Wind Up Doll x2: 150,000 eachFyora Spring Song Book: 2,000,000Disco Elephante Marionette: 500,000Disco Chomby Spring Toy: 1,000,000Book of Symbols: 600,000Blue Acara Collectable Figure: 5,000,000Atlas of Neopia: 2,000,000Altador is Lovely in the Spring: 4,000,000Altador In Summer: 6,000,000Altador Strength Potion: 500,000Altador Cup Referee Plushie: 450,000Altador Cup Collectors Jacket: 2,000,000A History of Royal Scorchios: 6,000,00010th Birthday Red Scorchio Toy: 700,00010th Birthday Book: 3,000,000The Mighty Royal Uni x2: 6,000,000 each   Total: 50,400,000 NP's
Blue Snowbunny + Heart Pencil + Faerie Notepad {ID}
$4.49 USD
A shell account preloaded with a Blue Snowbunny, Heart Pencil, and a Faerie Notepad!
Darigan Paint Brush + Red Belt + Chomby Stamp {ID}
$6.99 USD
A shell account preloaded with a Darigan Paint Brush, a Red Belt, and a Chomby Stamp!
Darigan Paint Brush x5 + Dimensional Paint Brush x5 {ID}
$39.99 USD
A shell account preloaded with five Darigan and five Dimensional Paint Brushes!
Darigan Paint Brush x5 + Dimensional Paint Brush x5 {ID}
$32.99 USD
This account comes preloaded with five Darigan Paint Brush and five Dimensional Paint Brushes!
Fifty Retired Books! {ID}
$44.99 USD
These accounts have fifty r180 books preloaded onto their accounts!
Green PPPB + Cover of Darkness Foreground + Underwater Shipwreck Background
$5.99 USD
A shell account preloaded with a Green Petpet Paint Brush, Cover of Darkness Foreground, and an Underwater Shipwreck Background!
Jubjub Transmogrification Potion + Tyrannian Petpet Paint Brush {ID}
$2.49 USD
A shell preloaded with a Jubjub Transmogrification Potio and a Tyrannian Petpet Paint Brush!
Kiko Transmogrification Potion + Valentine Petpet Paint Brush {ID}
$5.99 USD
A shell account loaded with a Kiko Transmogrification Potion and a Valentine Petpet Paint Brush!

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