Main Accounts

Main Accounts

Mains, Shells, and more!

Have you recently been frozen, or lost your account to evil hackers? Seeking a new start in Neopets, with a completely new persona? Well search no longer, Buy Neopoints Cheap is here to help!

We have thousands of accounts that are built up with avatars, potentially amazing pets, great items and more. To top it off, each account is loaded into our instant delivery system as we list them so you don't have to wait for your new main!

Shop for Neopets accounts and more today!

By Type

BNC Unbuyable Grab Bag Account (Instant)
$1.99 USD
A preloaded shell account with a random UB with different base values/item types per tier.
Random Starter Main Account (Instant)
$9.99 USD
Got frozen and just want a cheap new main? Maybe you need something that you can autobuy on and sell your Stamps and Morphing Potions off of. Or maybe you just want a decent looking side account. These starter main accounts are excellent for you! These accounts can come with avatars, trophies, painted pets (Including starter BD pets), large Safety Deposit Boxes, and NP's. ALL accounts are 6+ years old!
Semi Main #4 (Instant)
$19.99 USD
Username Format: xxxxxxxxxxxx# Account Age: 10 years Pure: 1 Million Pure Avatars: 225 Notable Avatars:    Trophies: 17 Notable Trophies:      Others:  2 Site Themes 120 HSD Trainable BD pet 300+ games played
Semi Main Account #5 (Instant)
$19.99 USD
Username Format: xxxxxxx Account age: 8 1/2 years Avatars: 50  Notable Avatars:      Trophies: 20 Notable Trophies:       Others:  4 Site Themes ~120 HSD Trainable BD Pet 150+ BD wins 200+ Games played
Semi Main Account #6 (Instant)
$19.99 USD
Username Format: xxx#### Account Age: 10 years Avatars: 165+ Notable Avatars:     Trophies: 18 Notable Trophies:      Others:  8 Site Themes 240+ HSD Trainable BD Pet
Semi Main Account #7 (Instant)
$19.99 USD
Username Format: xxxxxx_##__####___ Account Age: 9 1/2 years Pure: 1 Million Pure Avatars: 80 Notable Avatars:        Trophies: 25  Notable Trophies:       Others:  7 Site Themes 250+ Games played 7.5k Faeries Ruin Plot Points!
Semi Main Account #10 (Instant)
$19.99 USD
Username format: xxxxxxxxxx# Account Age: 8 1/2 years Pure: 2 Million Pure Avatars: 35 Notable Avatars:       Trophies: 18 Notable Trophies:       Others:  325+ Stamps Albumed 2 Site Themes 150+ HSD Trainable BD pet  
Random Semi Main Account (Instant)
$19.99 USD
Lookin' to test the waters before you really get back into Neo, or maybe you just don't want an epic main account. These Semi Main accounts are for you. They come with anywhere from 130 - 250 avatars depending on other exterior stats; trophies, pets, site themes, some stamps and neodeck cards albumed, Battledome pets, and much more on the interior! These accounts can have some NP's and UB's, but will not always. All accounts are 6+ years old.
Semi Main Account #1 (Instant)
$24.99 USD
Username format: xxx###### Age: 10 years Avatars: 140+  Notable avatars:        Trophies: 27 Notable trophies:       Others:  6 site themes 300+ HSD Battledome pet 400+ BD wins    
Rare Avatar Main Account #6 (Instant)
$44.99 USD
Age: 14 1/2 years Username Format: xxxx_xxxxx##### Avatars: 220+  Notable Avatars:         Trophies: 19 Notable Trophies:       Access to Secret Lab Map? Yes! Pets: ~350 HSD Trainable BD pet  
Main Account #7 (Instant)
$49.99 USD
Account Age: 12 1/2 years Username Format: xxxx_## Avatars: 270 Notable Avatars:           Trophies: 24 Notable Trophies:        Access to Secret Lab Map: Yes! Others:  170+ Stamps albumed 7 Site Themes 360 HSD BD pet  
Starter Main Account With 22 Mil pure! (Instant)
$49.99 USD
Username Format: xxxxxxxxxx Age: 10 years Total Avatars: 110 Notable Avatars:   Trophies: 29 Notable Trophies:        Item value:     Pirate Krawk Morphing Potion: 120,000Icetravaganza Scratchcard: 175,000 Total: 22,295,000
Semi Main - Battledomer At The Ready! (Instant)
$49.99 USD
Username Format: xxxxx### Age: 10 years Total Avatars: 149 Notable Avatars:     Trophies: 4 Notable Trophies:     Stamps: 126 Site Themes: 5 Shop Size: 25 - 30 Access to Lab Ray: YES Pets: Decently Named 625 HSD Trainable BD pet.  Interior value:  Neopoints: 8,500,000+ Items:      Plushie Paint Brush: 3,200,000Baby Paint Brush: 575,000Greater Healing Scroll: 125,000Rejuvenating Jar of Brains: 500,000 Total: 12,900,000+    
Main Account #01 (Instant)
$59.99 USD
Username Format: xxx_xxxxxxxxx Age: 12 1/2 years Total Avatars: 210 Notable Avatars:        Trophies: 29 Notable Trophies:       Site Themes: 5 Access to Lab Ray: YES Pets: Decently Named 800 HSD Trainable BD pet.     
Main Account #9 (Instant)
$64.99 USD
Username Format: xxxxxxxxxx### Account Age: 12 1/2 years Avatars: 185+ Notable Avatars:          Trophies: 31 Notable Trophies:         Access to Secret Lab Map: Yes! Others: 165+ Stamps Albumed11 Site Themes250+ Unique Neodeck Cards725+ HSD Trainable BD pet450+ BD winsSize 50+ Shop300+ Games played
Main Account #4 (Instant)
$69.99 USD
Username format: xxxxxx#### Age: 13 1/2 years Pure: 1 Million Neopoints Avatars: 280 Notable Avatars:          Trophies: 21 Notable Trophies:        Other:  120+ HSD BD pet Pea Chia 150+ BD wins 6 Site Themes

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