Newly Listed

Newly Listed

Rare Items, Loaded Accounts, Mains and more!

Looking to get first dibs on whats new at Buy Neopoints Cheap? Well you've found the right corner of our store.

Every time we create a new product such as a new main account, or item package they will be listed here. This collection is automatically sorted from newest to oldest for your convenience!

Semi-Starter Main With 18m Pure And Lots of UB's! (Instant)
$59.99 USD
Username Format xxxxx#####xx Avatars 150+ Age 11 years Shop Size 25+ Games Played 200+  Trophies 30 - 35 Site Themes 9 Stamps 135+ BD Wins 200 - 250 wins    Avatars Trophies     Pets 300 HSD Battledome Pet   NeopointsAccount Worth Pure Neopoints: 18,500,000+ Items Worth   Blue Paint Brush: 100,000Random Secret Laboratory Map x8: Prices varyPink Job Coupon: 200,000Bronze Brightvale Job Coupon x2: 350,000 eachSkidget: 500,000Mysterious Swirly Potion: 600,000Pirate Draik Egg: 125,000Armoured Negg: 80,000Pirate Krawk Morphing Potion x3: 125,000 eachPirate Draik Morphing Potion: 125,000Brynns Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting: 900,000Altador Strength Potion: 650,000Hanso Charisma Charm: 1,000,000Captive Shadow Wraith: 350,000Randomly Firing Freeze Ray: 250,000 Total: 24,550,000  
Starter-Main Account with Almost 13 Mil Pure! (Instant)
$34.99 USD $39.99 USD
Username Format xxxx_xxxx Avatars 150+ Age 10 1/2 years Shop Size 20+ Games Played 90 - 100 Trophies 5 - 10 Site Themes 4   Avatars Trophies     NeopointsAccount Worth Pure Neopoints: 12,900,000+  
Semi-Starter Main with Hunger Games Real Name! (Instant)
$39.99 USD $59.99 USD
Username Format xxxxxxx Avatars 150+ Age 10 years Games Played 200+ Trophies 5 - 10   Avatars Trophies     Pets VERY NICE Hunger Games Real Name pet!   NeopointsAccount Worth Pure Neopoints: 3,600,000   Secret Laboratory Map Access: Yes!
Semi-Starter Main With A Cute Maraquan Shoyru! (Instant)
$29.99 USD
Username Format xxxxxx Avatars 150+ Age 11 years Battledome 200+ (100%) Shop Size 15+ Games Played 140+ Trophies 10 - 15   Avatars Trophies   Pets VWN Maraquan 200 HSD Shoyru NeopointsAccount Worth Pure Neopoints: 6,000,000 Neopoints in the Bank, Shop Till, Stocks, and On Hand. Items     Larnikin: 500,000Greater Healing Scroll: 150,000Creeping Shadow Hammer: 150,000Arlhox VII: 400,000Mechachiazilla: 150,000 Total: 7,350,000
500,000 Neopoints (Instant)
$1.99 USD
500,000 Neopoints preloaded onto a complimentary shell account for you to spend on your goodies!
250,000 Neopoints (Instant)
$0.99 USD
250,000 Neopoints preloaded onto a complimentary shell account for you to spend on your goodies!
Good Shell Account
$3.49 USD $4.99 USD
A shell account with some notable exterior value. This can include some avatars, painted pets, or a few trophies. These make great start ups for new side accounts!
WN Shell Account (Instant)
$9.99 USD
A random aged shell account with a pronounceable short character count username! These accounts are perfect to build into a new main account, to house new pets, or use as a new side account! 
Random 4L Username (Instant)
$9.99 USD
These accounts are usually shell accounts with only 4 characters in their username!
Random Age Shell Account (Instant)
$2.49 USD
An entirely empty account perfect for storing your treasures away from everyone else! These accounts can be any age from 6 years to 15 1/2 years old!
1.4 mil + 3k Unique SDB (Instant)
Sold Out
An otherwise shell account with 1.4 mil and a 2,996 Unique item Safety Deposit Box!
BNC Unbuyable Grab Bag Account (Instant)
$1.99 USD
A preloaded shell account with a random UB with different base values/item types per tier.
2,000,000 Neopoints (Instant)
Sold Out
The neopoints will be provided on a preloaded, inactive account that is guaranteed to have over 2 million neopoints. All account ages are over 1 year.
Semi Main - Battledomer At The Ready! (Instant)
$49.99 USD
Username Format: xxxxx### Age: 10 years Total Avatars: 149 Notable Avatars:     Trophies: 4 Notable Trophies:     Stamps: 126 Site Themes: 5 Shop Size: 25 - 30 Access to Lab Ray: YES Pets: Decently Named 625 HSD Trainable BD pet.  Interior value:  Neopoints: 8,500,000+ Items:      Plushie Paint Brush: 3,200,000Baby Paint Brush: 575,000Greater Healing Scroll: 125,000Rejuvenating Jar of Brains: 500,000 Total: 12,900,000+    
Starter Main Account With 22 Mil pure! (Instant)
$49.99 USD
Username Format: xxxxxxxxxx Age: 10 years Total Avatars: 110 Notable Avatars:   Trophies: 29 Notable Trophies:        Item value:     Pirate Krawk Morphing Potion: 120,000Icetravaganza Scratchcard: 175,000 Total: 22,295,000
Random Semi Main Account (Instant)
$12.99 USD $19.99 USD
Lookin' to test the waters before you really get back into Neo, or maybe you just don't want an epic main account. These Semi Main accounts are for you. They come with anywhere from 130 - 250 avatars depending on other exterior stats; trophies, pets, site themes, some stamps and neodeck cards albumed, Battledome pets, and much more on the interior! These accounts can have some NP's and UB's, but will not always. All accounts are 6+ years old.

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