Frequently Asked Questions

At BNC, we take pride in our service. We offer quick, reliable service, and all of our products are delivered automatically after purchase. You can rest assured that you will get your products in a timely manner and are shopping 100% anonymously to your Neopets account!

Nope! Never

We do not offer services that would require your username. You can shop anonymously with us :)

To put it simply, yes!

Purchasing Neopets intellectual property with real currency is against Neopets Terms and Conditions and can result in your account being terminated.

Our main processor is PayPal. This is because it is safe, secure, and offers both seller and buyer protection.

We are willing to accept other forms of payments upon request, feel free to contact us anytime!

I think the real question here is, "how soon after I receive my email with the account information can I transfer it to my main?" :P You receive it instantly after purchase to your email automatically!
We load all purchases onto shell accounts for the buyer. This means that we don't have to know your username, so you can be assured that you are as protected as possible when buying from us.
Unfortunately we are not able to give out the names of any of our pets or accounts. This is to protect the final buyer. Also, you can be rest assured that nobody other than BNC staff will know an accounts name.
You can reach us by submitting an inquiry here! We will do our best to reply within 12 hours.
And help you will get! Simply contact us and we will see if we have the product you are seeking in stock or if we can get it in stock in a timely manner. This delivery won't be instant however.
You can contact us! Or email us directly at

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