How to Buy

 Howdy stranger! Looks like you've stumbled upon the page that explains how to make your purchase here at BuyNeopointsCheap! It's a very simple process, and we try to keep it as intuitive as possible. But we know that with Neopets there's always some confusing malfactor so this guide will help serve as a way to guide to through making your purchases with us at BuyNeopointsCheap!

1.) Fill your cart

This first step is really easy. First you'll want to browse our selection of goods, all of which are instant delivery mind you! Pick out your favorite products and add them to your cart! 

2.) Proceed to checkout

After you've picked out your items, you'll click the icon at the top right of your screen that looks like a shopping cart. You'll click the link and proceed to checkout! 

3.) Register an account if you do not have one already

After you proceed to checkout, you'll be prompted to sign into your account with us. If you do not have an account with us, please make one! With an account you can receive rewards for shopping with us as well as doing other activities so that you can have larger discount codes to apply at checkout!

Please note: You must order using a valid email. All orders are sent out to the email that you note in the order. Misspelling or using an invalid email will result in not receiving your details in time. If you make a typo in your email or use an incorrect email, please contact us at Support@BuyNeopointsCheap.com

4.) Receive your goods!

After placing your order, you will instantly receive an email with the sign in details for an account that houses each product you ordered. All of your items will not be on the same account unless specifically marked as so. 

5.) Transfer your goods to your account with our methods!

After receiving the sign in details for your order, you'll need to be cautious about moving everything. Please be sure to follow our guides that are linked directly below so that you can safely move your products over!


What's next? Check out our Instant Delivery FAQ's or The Do's and Don'ts to Buying Neopoints.


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