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Instant Delivery

Seems as if you have stumbled across our beautiful instant delivery website and would like to learn more about how our instant delivery works. Well my friend, you have come to the right place. Lets get you started with some commonly asked questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is instant delivery?
Instant delivery is your best friend when it comes to timely fulfillment of orders. If you would like to purchase something and receive it INSTANTLY, well this is the gig for you.

How it works is our team loads each item onto a shell, a single item per shell, which is then added to our complex instant delivery system. When your order is confirmed and you receive your confirmation email in a short amount of time after you will receive a secondary email with the account information that holds the goodies you have just bought! You can then log in and send the item to your main. We do discuss precautions later on to ensure your safety so do not worry.

Is everything instant?
Yes! Everything that is marked with an "{ID}" at the end of the item is instant! But everything here on BuyNeopointsCheap is instant, so there's no need to worry!

Do the items that are delivered instantly change?
Only the clearance section, we keep most everything stocked at all times. However in clearance we have more of the one time stock items. 

Can I keep the shell account(s) that my items come on?
You may keep the shell accounts, they will not be reused. However, if you wish to keep the shell account keep in mind the 5 account limitation set in place by TNT.

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Necessary Precautions

Within seconds of confirming your order and payment, you will receive a second email containing the login information to a shell. Inside this shell will be the item you have ordered. If you order an account it will be the log in credentials for the type of account you have purchased.

While ordering instant there are precautions you must take to ensure your safety and satisfaction. When we send out items, or pets, we look after everything precisely to make sure we are doing everything right on our end. In this case, you have to too.

Do not worry! As long as you follow the steps listed below, you can ensure your account, items, and neopets will be safe and ready for you to enjoy!

  1. First things first, before entering the shell account, you must make the decision as to whether you wish to keep the shell for future purposes; such as a side account, or future purchases. If you would like to keep the account, depending on what actions you wish to use it for determine how you should log into it. If you want to keep it as a side, you can login to the account as you would any other account of yours. Keep in mind the 5 account limitation that is set by TNT. If you are weary and plan to use for other purposes use a static proxy masking service. We go into further explanation here.
  2. If you decided you do not wish to keep the shell you are still going to need to mask your IP. Since this     will be a one time use, we highly recommend the Tor Browser. This browser is the best when it comes to masking your IP, it bounces your network around 15 different locations and completely masks your OS (operating system). The downside of Tor Browser is every time you use a new identity, or open/ close the browser your IP then changes to a different one. This can be dangerous because if TNT flags an unusual amount of differentiating IP's they will freeze the account for owners protection.


Shortly after making the decision whether you want to keep the shell account or not, you will need to move your purchase to your account.

We will undergo two different cases scenarios in this section. First transferring smaller quantity of items then transferring large quantities of items for bigger purchases.

    1. If you have purchased 1-12 items, feel free to transfer them to your account as you normally would. We find the best method is out of public contact, so this would be done by neofriend gifting. A rule most like to follow; transfer no more than 15 items per week. We also recommend transferring items to the same shell, roughly 3-5 per shell before transferring to your main. Since this is all instant delivery we can only make this happen by placing each item on its own shell. Not guaranteed but it could raise flags if you transfer 1 item to your main from 10 different accounts.
    2. For larger transactions, you will want to take safer precautions. Don't worry, it can be done easily with a little bit of patience. We would like to start off by saying, if you plan to purchase a lot of smaller items, make a larger purchase of more expensive easy to sell items. This way you are only transferring a few items, against 30-50 smaller items. Buying a more expensive item allows you to sell onsite and purchase the items you desire on your own personal account. If you still wish to proceed, follow these guidelines. You will want to keep a static IP for the most part while you do the transfer process. This is because you will want to space out your gifting methods, as mentioned above transfer no more than 15 items per week. We suggest using a free or paid VPN service. There are many cheap services out there! Do the same as step 1 except you will be spacing it out over a few weeks. It may seem like extra work, but your safety is our number one concern!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns you can contact us here!


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